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  • R + W bellows coupling BK3
  • R + W bellows coupling BK3
R + W bellows coupling BK3

With conical clamping shaft sleeve

Specification: 15-10000nm

High clamping force

Modern removal system design

high reliability


Structure: use grooved conical clamping collar and fasten non loose hexagon bolt ISO4017.

Temperature range: - 30 to + 120 ° C

Clearance: there is absolutely no back clearance through clamp connection with strong adhesion and established principles.

Service life: according to the technical specifications, the metal bellows coupling can be durable and maintenance free

Fit clearance: shaft sleeve connection 0.01 - 0.05 mm.

Material Science:

Bellows made of high elastic stainless steel (flexible elastic coupling)

Other materials: steel.

Short term overload: up to 1.5 times.

Technical parameters:

Rated torque: 15 - 10000 NM

The speed can reach 10000 rpm.

>Fine dynamic balance is required for 10000 rpm

Special solutions for metal bellows couplings: other mating lengths, keyways, special materials and bellows can be provided on request.

Product features of Bk3 metal bellows coupling:

High clamping force

High operation safety

The new compression device makes the installation space of bellows coupling smaller

The dynamic balance of this coupling is relatively good, and it is suitable for use in high-speed situations. In addition, it can also continue to be dynamically balanced according to the specific operating conditions of the customer to increase the speed. In the installation method, because the conical sleeve locking method is adopted, in order to ensure the uniform force on the bellows, it is necessary to use a torque wrench to tighten the screws. It should be noted that before connecting the two shafts, the two shafts need to be Check the coaxiality to better protect the ripples.

Suitable for industry:

High-precision positioning: When it comes to rotary positioning, the advantages of the bellows coupling's zero backlash and high torsional stiffness come to the fore. Running losses due to backlash are eliminated and torsional forces between the input and output ends of the coupling are minimized. Bellows couplings have the highest torsional stiffness among common flexible couplings. Another advantage is its continuous symmetry. Most flexible power transmission elements have some asymmetry, which means that due to misalignment, the coupling is at different stress distributions at different points in a single rotation. They accumulate and release energy to varying degrees as they spin out of alignment, with slight variations in output speed. In most applications, this is almost negligible. However, the continuous symmetry of the bellows offers measurable advantages for precision applications requiring optimized positional accuracy.

High Dynamic Motion: Bellows couplings are also ideal for high dynamic motion applications. High torsional stiffness translates into shorter settling times when the load starts, stops and reverses suddenly. As the weak link in most direct drive systems, the elastic coupling often determines the stiffness of the entire drive shaft. Couplings with higher torsional stiffness can increase the natural frequency of the system and reduce the amplitude for faster motion. When selecting the proper coupling, bellows couplings allow designers to increase cycle rates in cam and reverse applications. Since bellows couplings are also preferred in system configurations with a low moment of inertia, they also play a role in minimizing the moment of inertia.

High Speed: For high speed applications, the same geometry of the coupling will come into play. Light weight, continuous symmetry, and uniform stress distribution all contribute to the smooth operation of the equipment at high speed. Standard bellows couplings are rated at 10,000 rpm and their limiting factor is the clamping sleeve. Higher rotational speeds can be achieved by balancing the coupling assembly. In some cases, bellows couplings can rotate in excess of 10,000 rpm.

Extreme Temperature Resistance: Metal couplings are often preferred over elastomeric couplings when mechanical equipment is subjected to extreme temperatures because their mechanical properties remain essentially unchanged even over a wide temperature range. When using welded joints instead of glued joints, bellows couplings can meet customer requirements. Its unique advantage is that, unlike other types of maintenance-free metal couplings such as diaphragm couplings, bellows couplings have a higher tolerance for axial movement. This enables them to absorb axial motion that may be caused by thermal expansion and other structural changes in the driveline. Therefore, high torque bellows couplings are often used in the drive shafts of heavy equipment installed in remote locations.

SIZE 15 30 60 150 200 300 500 800 1500 4000 6000 10000
Rated torque 15 30 60 150 200 300 500
800 1500 4000 6000 10000
Overall length 48 55 55 65 66 76 75 87 78 90 89 103 97 110 114 141 195 210 217
Outside diameter 49 57
66 81 90 110 124
133 157 200 253 303
Fit length 19 22 27 32 32 41 41
50 61 80 85 92
Inside diameter  10-22 12-23 12-29 15-38 15-44 24-56 24-60 30-60 35-70 50-100 60-140 70-180
Outside diameter of hub 49 55 66 81 90 110 122
116 135 180 246 295
Moment of inertia 0.07 0.08 0.15 0.16 0.39 0.41 1.2 1.6 1.7 2.5 5.1 5.9 9.1 9.9 13.2 34.9 85.5 254 629
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