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  • R+W elastomer couplings EK2
  • R+W elastomer couplings EK2
R+W elastomer couplings EK2

With clamping shaft sleeve

Specifications: 6-2150Nm

High coaxiality

Zero back gap

Easy to install


Structure: two coupling sleeves with concave claws and high concentricity.

Temperature range: depends on the quincunx elastic ring selected.

Torsional rigidity: quincunx elastic rings with different shore hardness are provided for the optimization of transmission system.

Fit clearance: shaft sleeve connection 0.01 - 0.05 mm.

Material Science:

Coupling sleeves: high strength aluminum from series to 450 and steel from Series 800

Elastic ring: made of precision molded, extremely wear-resistant and heat-resistant plastic material

Speed: see table for standard. When the speed exceeds 10000 rpm, the coupling must use fine dynamic balance (please specify).

Technical parameters: Rated torque: 6 - 2.150 Nm

Ek2 elastic coupling product features:

Very good concentricity

Balanced structure

Easy to install

Buffer damping

Electrical insulation

Zero backlash claw coupling

Plug in

SIZE 20 60 150 300 450 800
Rated torque 17/21/6 60/75/20 160/200/42 325/405/84 530/660/95 950/1100/240
Overall length 66 78 90 114 126 162
Mounting length 25 30 35 45 50 65
Inside diameter  range 8-25 12-32 19-36 20-45 28-60 35-80
Moment of inertia  per hub 0.016 0.05 0.13 0.4 0.9 9.5
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