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Application of German R+W Torque Limiter in Practice


The torque limiter, also known as the safety coupling, is widely used in industrial production. It not only plays the role of connecting the shaft and the shaft, but also controls the torque output and protects the parts. Therefore, in industrial production, the torque limiter The limiter is very useful.


In some special industries, the torque limiter has become an indispensable industrial component, such as capping machines. In some beverage industries, after the product is filled, it is necessary to perform the next process, screw on the bottle cap, and in this process The torque output of the motor should not be too large, otherwise the bottle will be easily broken, so the torque control is very important, but sometimes it is inevitable that the motor torque output is too large. The torque limiter can solve the situation that the motor torque output is too large. Calculate the maximum torque that the bottle cap can withstand before installation, and then adjust the torque scale on the torque limiter. When the output torque of the motor exceeds this safe value, the torque limiter will automatically disengage to protect the product. After the torque limiter is disengaged, the motor rotates once, and the torque limiter automatically resets and continues to operate without human intervention, which not only protects the product, but also does not affect the work efficiency.

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