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PSN planetary gearbox size drawing download


NEUGART series PSN helical gear precision planetary gearbox adopts high-precision helical gear. This gearbox can realize synchronous operation with low noise. The gear meshing precision of this gearbox is high, and the return clearance is 1-5arcmin. Need to be less than 1arcmin. When the PSN gearbox is working, the vibration is reduced under the condition of high bearing load, which can improve the machining quality of the surface workpiece. The whole series of PSN gearbox drawings, CAD drawings, 3D models and other drawings can be downloaded online, providing the required data parameters, dynamic data and load diagrams when the whole system is in motion.

PSN series precision gearbox part model size drawing:Structure and dimension drawing of PSN70 gearbox
Structure and dimension drawing of PSN90 gearbox
Structure and dimension drawing of PSN115 gearbox

PSN precision planetary gearbox size drawing:

PSN070 Reference Drawings.zip

PSN090 Reference Drawings.zip

PSN115 Reference Drawings.zip

PSN142 Reference Drawings.zip

PSN190 Reference Drawings.zip

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