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The difference between ground and fine-milled racks

Industry news|2022-04-14| admin

1. First of all, the difference between the grinding rack and the fine-milling rack is that the tooth surface treatment method is different. The former adopts the grinding tooth surface treatment method, and the latter adopts the fine milling (fine milling quenching and tempering) tooth surface treatment method.

2. Grinding rack is a kind of high strength, high wear resistance, small surface roughness, small pitch error, stable high-speed movement, no abnormal vibration and high precision. The basic principle of grinding is to add abrasive between the abrasive tool and the workpiece or between the workpiece and the workpiece under a certain pressure, and the abrasive in the abrasive can micro-cut the workpiece.

Grinding is required for grades 3.6 and below, and grinding is required for grades 6 and above.

4. Grinding rack drive is an efficient rotation method, generally used for high-end rack and pinion rotation with large axial force, stroke over 2m, and high-precision linear motion.

5. Naturally, a finely milled rack is also a good piece of equipment. Multi-channel precision machining technology ensures small deformation of tooth surface and high consistency. The choice of equipment depends on the customer's specific usage criteria. Since these devices are non-standard, the special requirements of different customers can be customized.


Grinding the rack refers to grinding the tooth surface and all sides of the rack after heat treatment to remove burrs and deformation to improve the accuracy of the rack. The general grinding precision is the precision of German standard 5 and 6, and the precision can reach 0.022 mm.

There are two types of fine-milled racks. The first is the rack quenching and tempering, grinding on all sides, and not grinding the tooth surface. The accuracy is generally 0.044MM, which is the German standard 8-level accuracy.

The second is the heat treatment of the rack to make the hardness reach 45 degrees, and the four sides are ground, but the tooth surface is not ground. The accuracy is generally 0.06MM, which is 10-level accuracy.

The difference between the grinding rack and the fine milling rack The grinding rack is heat-treated, and the tooth surface is ground on all sides, with high precision and long service life.

The difference between the grinding rack and the fine-milling rack is that in terms of technology, one is that after heat treatment, the rack is ground as a whole, and the fine-milling rack is ground after heat treatment, except for the tooth surface. Due to the different processing techniques, the difference between the two is also very different in terms of precision, and the precision of the grinding rack after grinding is relatively high. This is also the biggest difference between the two.

The above is about the difference between grinding racks and fine milling racks. STRRONSE racks is a rack production company established by Windrive Automatic. It adopts German rack manufacturing lines to produce precision racks. The industry has a wide range of applications.

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