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Disassembly and assembly method of Neugart planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-04-15| admin

Because the Neugart gearbox needs to be maintained or repaired during the production process, it is sometimes necessary to disassemble the planetary gearbox in this case. Disassembly without careful preparation will cause certain damage to the parts of the planetary gearbox and affect the maintenance or repair effect. Today, I will introduce the disassembly and assembly method of the Neugart gearbox. Before disassembling the Neugart planetary gearbox, the wiring between the motor and the external electrical equipment must be removed.


Remove the pulley coupling

Before disassembling, make a positioning mark on the shaft end of the pulley or coupling, then loosen the tightening screws or pins of the pulley or coupling, and slowly pull down the pulley or coupling with a pulling tool. When pulling, pay attention to the force of the pulley or coupling, to ensure that the resultant force is along the axis direction, while pulling the ring. If you can't pull it out, you can penetrate the kerosene into the screw hole and pull it out. If not, you can quickly heat the pulley or coupling with a rapid fire. When heating, the pulley or coupling should be turned to make the heating even, and then pulled immediately. Pulls can also be heated if possible. When there is no tractor, you can use a wooden hammer, an aluminum hammer, a copper hammer, or you can use an iron rod as a lever, pulley, and coupling to pry it open. The position of knocking or prying should be changed along the circumference to make the force even. Generally, the shaft key is the tightest, and more force should be used.


Remove end caps and bearing caps

First mark the connection between the base and the end cover (to avoid errors during reassembly), loosen the fastening bolts of the end cover and the bearing cover, then remove the bearing cover, and then knock with an aluminum rod or copper rod to remove the end cover caps, but avoid excessive tapping to avoid damaging the end caps.


Bearing removal, cleaning and inspection

Roller bearings can be removed like pulleys or couplings. However, when disassembling, you should choose a puller of suitable size. The feet of the puller should try to hold the inner ring of the bearing as tightly as possible, and slowly pull out the bearing. When cleaning the bearing, scrape off the waste oil on the bearing and bearing cover, wash off the remaining oil with kerosene (or gasoline), and then dry it with a cleaning cloth (cotton yarn is not allowed). After cleaning the bearing, turn the outer ring of the bearing by hand to check whether it rotates freely. If stuck or loose, carefully observe the raceway surface, cage and ball or roller surface for rust, spots, etc. Bearings with rust and spots on the inner and outer raceways or on the surfaces of the balls and rollers should not be used anymore and should be replaced with new ones.


Assembly of planetary gearbox

The assembly steps of the planetary gearbox are opposite to the disassembly steps. Before assembly, check that there is no dust in the bearings and that the rust has been removed from each fitting. When assembling, all parts should be reset according to the markings, and the bearings should be checked for proper fit with the shaft and end caps. After assembly, twist the bearing by hand to see if it rotates flexibly and whether there is friction. If the end caps and bearing caps are not positioned correctly, or the bolts are not tightened properly, they will not work properly.

Precautions for disassembly and assembly of Neugart planetary gearbox

(1) Do not use high pressure cleaning to clean the gear planetary gearbox.

(2) The overhaul, maintenance and installation of the gear planetary gearbox are all carried out when the gear gearbox is not working.

(3) Welding work shall not be performed on the gear planetary gearbox, nor shall it be used as a welding point. Welding will render the gears and bearings irreparable.

(4) Whether there is any abnormal phenomenon (such as overheating or abnormal noise, etc.) If it is found during the operation of the gear planetary gearbox, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

(5) All rotating parts are equipped with suitable protective covers to prevent accidental touch by installers, such as couplings, hydraulic couplings, gears, transmission pulleys, etc.

(6) Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the gear gearbox, such as the nameplate, arrows indicating the direction, etc. There must be no dust or paint on these plates and markings.

(7) Bolts damaged during assembly or disassembly must be replaced with new bolts of the same strength and type.

(8) According to the working conditions of the gear gearbox, the surface, lubricating oil and parts of the gear gearbox may reach a relatively high temperature, so be careful of scalding.

(9) When replacing the lubricating oil, be careful not to be scalded by the hot oil.

(10) The gear gearbox should be placed on a dry, vibration-free wooden base and covered. When storing the gear gearbox and any individual parts, anti-rust measures must be taken to avoid rusting. In storage, gear gearboxs must not be stacked together.

(11) Unless otherwise specified in the order contract, do not store or work in places with strong acid, strong alkali, low temperature, high temperature, serious air pollution, humidity and chemicals.

(12) When handling the gear gearbox, special care must be taken to prevent the impact shaft from breaking, as this may damage the gear gearbox. When lifting the gear gearbox, the eye bolts must not hang on the threads of the shaft end.

(13) Unless otherwise specified in the order contract, the working environment temperature should be between -25 ~ 90 ℃.

(14) The gear gearbox should be used within the allowable torque range, and a safety device should be installed on the output shaft to prevent damage to the gear gearbox.

(15) Various gear gearboxs are suitable for continuous operation and allow bidirectional operation. (unless equipped with a non-return device)

(16) If the installation direction is changed, in general, the oil mirror, oil plug and exhaust cover should be replaced, and the oil filling amount of the gear gearbox should be adjusted.

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