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Problems that need to be paid attention to in the selection process of reducer

Industry news|2022-02-15| admin

In the field of reducer application, what everyone knows more about the reducer is that it can play the role of deceleration and torque increase. Therefore, when selecting a reducer, these two aspects are considered the most, and other factors are often ignored. Therefore, There will also be various problems in the actual use process. In order to avoid these situations, let's discuss the problems that need to be paid attention to in the selection process of the reducer.


The first thing we need to pay attention to is the maximum torque problem. Everyone knows this, as long as the maximum load torque does not exceed the maximum torque that the reducer can withstand, it can ensure that the reducer will not be damaged due to overload during operation;

The second is the speed problem. Each reducer has a rated average heat input speed. We know that there is lubricating oil inside the reducer, which plays the role of lubrication and cooling. If the speed of the input end of the reducer exceeds the average heat input speed of the reducer , it is easy to cause the reducer to heat up and cause oil leakage;

Then there is the problem of accuracy. Inside the reducer is the meshing of gears and gears, and there must be backlash in the meshing of gears and gears. This is a comparison, and you can choose the appropriate backlash according to your actual situation;

Finally, there is the problem of inertia ratio, which is the most easily overlooked problem. In fact, the parameter of inertia ratio is related to the motor you choose. Each motor requires the ratio of load inertia to motor rotor inertia to have a maximum allowable value, as long as Do not exceed this value.


The above are the four key points about the selection of the reducer. As long as these points are paid attention to in the selection process, the selection process will be relatively complete. For more relevant knowledge of reducer, you can consult Shenzhen sz-windrive Automation, hoping to bring help to everyone!

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