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German precision planetary reducer manufacturer and planetary reducer agent

Industry news|2021-12-17| admin

Planetary reducer is often seen in mechanical transmission. At present, there are many manufacturers of reducer, but the quality is uneven and few are of good quality. Among them, the quality of reducer is also determined by accuracy. Among the planetary reducer brands, German precision planetary reducer has better accuracy and quality, and German Neugart planetary reducer is also a brand with high cost performance of German precision planetary reducer.


Reducer is a very important transmission equipment. It can be seen in many mechanical equipment to improve the operation state of the equipment by reducing speed and increasing torque. When it comes to the development prospect of planetary reducer, it has a wide range of applications in robots, laser cutting, printing equipment and even medicine. At present, there are many types of reducer. Today I will introduce a planetary reducer to you.

Newcastle planetary reducer, founded in 1928, was originally used to produce precision gears for watches or other precision machinery. In 1975, we began to produce planetary gear reducer, and saw the development prospect of the Chinese market. In 1996, we became the first batch of planetary gear reducer manufacturers to enter China.

Newcastle planetary reducer is widely used in robot, mechanical equipment, printing machinery, laser cutting and other industries. With rich industry experience and many types and models, it can be roughly divided into precision type and economic type. Among them, the economic type has high cost performance, good precision, low noise during operation, no maintenance and high torque. After years of development, Newcastle has learned from experience and developed multi tired reducer in order to adapt to different working environments. Among them, there are flange output reducer, right angle flange reducer, hollow shaft output reducer, hlae planetary reducer and planetary reducer with gear used in the medical industry. It has also developed a professional reducer selection software, which includes the world's commonly used motor brands and models. It only needs to output the motor model and the required reducer configuration to adapt the reducer model, so as to provide more professional services for customers' selection.

There are many agents in China, among which Shenzhen Weidong automation equipment Co., Ltd., as a special agent of Newcastle, also has rich industry experience in planetary reducer. The selection, drawing and data calculation can be completed, and professional system integration scheme is provided. If there is a need for planetary reducer selection, you are welcome to choose Shenzhen Weidong automation equipment Co., Ltd.

The above is about the German precision planetary reducer manufacturers and selection reducer agents. For more planetary reducer related problems, welcome to consult!

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