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The role and skills of using the gearbox and shaft directly together

Industry news|2023-04-26| admin

     Many netizens ask me about using a gearbox and shaft directly together? What is the effect of the latest gearbox and shaft direct coordination? Below, the editor has compiled the techniques for directly matching reducers and shafts, allowing us to have a detailed understanding of how to connect reducers and shafts.

1、 The reducer and shaft are used directly together

1. The reducer is directly used in conjunction with the shaft, and a reduction motor is used instead of the prime mover and transmission device. The shaft mounted reducer is used, and the coupling structure is designed. Reasonably select the coupling type, balance the coupling, pay attention to maintaining good lubrication conditions for the coupling with sliding friction, and the high-speed rotating coupling shall not have protruding objects.

2. In the designed reducer, the outer ring of the bearing and the shaft are based on the shaft system. The reducer is an independent component composed of gear transmission, worm transmission, and gear worm transmission enclosed in a rigid housing, used as a reduction transmission device between the original drive and the working machine.

3. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the position accuracy and parallelism of the output shaft when installing it to ensure the rotational accuracy of the reducer and mechanical equipment. Finally, regular inspection and maintenance are required.

2、 The reason for the direct fit between the reducer and the shaft

1. Due to the direct connection between the reducer and the shaft, the output shaft of the reducer can be directly driven by a sprocket. However, the following points need to be noted: Capacity: Ensure that the output bearing of the reducer has sufficient capacity to withstand the dynamic and static loads brought by the sprocket. Connection: The connection between the output shaft of the reducer and the sprocket should be tight to avoid faults caused by oil leakage, detachment, and other issues.

2. The coaxial reducer plays a role in matching speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine or actuator. It is a relatively precise mechanical device used to reduce speed and increase torque. There are various types and models, and different types have different purposes.

In actual transmission, often due to insufficient interference between the driven gear and the intermediate shaft, the driven gear produces axial series motion relative to the intermediate shaft, which in turn causes axial series motion of the input shaft. Therefore, insufficient interference is the main reason for the gearbox to string the shaft. In addition, the steering of the gearbox also has a certain impact on the string shaft.

3、 Precautions for installation and use of gear reducers

(1) The reducer should be firmly installed on a stable and horizontal foundation or base, and the oil in the oil tank should be able to be drained completely, and the cooling air circulation should be smooth. The foundation is unreliable, and vibration and noise can occur during operation, causing damage to bearings and gears. When there are protrusions in the transmission coupling or when gears and sprockets are used for transmission, protective devices should be considered for installation. When the output bearing is subjected to a large radial load, a reinforced type should be selected.

(2) According to the prescribed installation device, staff can easily access the oil pointer, vent plug, and drain plug. After installation, the accuracy of the installation position and the reliability of each fastener should be comprehensively checked in sequence, and they should be able to rotate flexibly after installation. The gearbox is lubricated by splashing in the oil pool. Before operation, the user needs to remove the plug of the vent hole and replace it with a vent plug. According to different installation positions, open the oil level plug to check the height of the oil level line. Add lubricating oil from the oil level plug until the lubricating oil overflows from the screw hole of the oil level plug. Screw on the oil level plug and confirm it is correct before emptying the load for trial operation. The time should not be less than 2 hours. The operation should be stable, without any impact, vibration, noise, or oil leakage. Any abnormalities found should be promptly eliminated.

(3) When installing the reducer, attention should be paid to the alignment of the transmission center axis, and the error should not exceed the compensation amount of the coupling used. Good alignment can extend service life and achieve ideal transmission efficiency.

(4) When installing the transmission part on the output shaft, it is not allowed to hit it with a hammer. Usually, assembly fixtures and internal threads at the shaft end are used to compress the transmission part with bolts, otherwise it may cause damage to the internal parts of the reducer. It is best not to use steel fixed couplings, as improper installation of such couplings can cause unnecessary external loads, leading to early bearing damage and even output shaft fracture in severe cases.

     The above is the detailed information on the direct cooperation between the reducer and the shaft, and the direct cooperation between the reducer and the shaft. For more information, please pay attention to Shenzhen Weidong Automation, which provides professional technical solutions for the planetary reducer industry application system!

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