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Structure of German R+W Bellows Coupling

Industry news|2022-02-17| admin

There are various types of German R+W couplings, and the product models are suitable for different industries, including bellows couplings, diaphragm couplings, torque limiters, micro couplings, elastic couplings, etc. For instruments, there are also couplings suitable for large-scale industries. It has a wide range of applications in machinery, marine, metallurgy, mining, etc. Today, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of R+W bellows coupling.


The bellows coupling is composed of two shaft sleeves and a middle bellows. It is generally divided into two ways of welding or bonding. The bellows is made of stainless steel or steel, which has high strength and torsion resistance. rigidity. This type of corrugated pipe is made of one or more layers of high-grade stainless steel, plasma welded seamless pipe, and rolled or pressed into a flexible deep corrugated state, finally forming a symmetrical corrugated pipe, and at the same time Flexible in three directions, axial, radial and angular. The end of the tooling matches the bore of the coupling sleeve to ensure concentricity. In the late 1980s, gluing became the primary method of connecting bellows to bushings, which had the advantage of allowing the bellows to float between the two bushings without pressure until the adhesive cured. This helps avoid deformation or stress concentration of the bellows, ensuring that the bellows runs smoothly after installation and the rotation of the output remains consistent. If the coupling is installed in a corrosive environment or subjected to extreme temperatures, any of these conditions can lead to bond cracking, in which case the welded method will be the first choice.

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