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How to eliminate loud gear noise?

Industry news|2023-04-26| admin

Gear noise is a common problem in mechanical equipment, which not only affects work efficiency, but also has adverse effects on the working environment and personnel. So, how to eliminate gear noise? Here are several common methods:

1. Replace the gear material

The generation of gear noise is often related to the hardness and strength of gear materials. If the hardness of the gear material is insufficient, it will cause wear on the gear surface and generate noise. Therefore, replacing gear materials is an effective way to eliminate gear noise. The commonly used gear materials include steel, copper, aluminum, etc. Choose the appropriate material based on the specific working environment and requirements.

2. Install sound insulation materials

Installing soundproofing materials around the gearbox is a common method of eliminating gear noise. Sound insulation materials can absorb noise, reduce noise transmission, and thus reduce the generation of gear noise. The commonly used sound insulation materials are foam plastic, glass fiber, etc.

3. Adjust the gear meshing clearance

Gear meshing clearance is one of the important reasons for gear noise generation. If the gear meshing clearance is too large or too small, it will lead to the generation of gear noise. Therefore, adjusting the gear meshing clearance is an effective method to eliminate gear noise. Adjusting the gear meshing clearance requires professional equipment and technology, and it is recommended to hire professional personnel for operation.

In short, eliminating gear noise requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors and selecting appropriate methods based on specific circumstances. If you have better methods and suggestions for eliminating gear noise, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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