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Structural advantages and use of hollow planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-03-02| admin

Hollow planetary gearbox - hollow shaft rotary platform is a series of large planetary servo gearboxs. After the precise positioning planetary gearbox and the AC servo motor are composed, the precise positioning of the facility, quantitative analysis of the tool movement, and the measurement and verification of the viewing angle can be completed according to the single-pulse operation. If the coaxiality is inconsistent, the motor bearing will be broken or the gearbox gear will be damaged. If the coaxiality is inconsistent, the motor bearing will be broken or the gearbox gear will be damaged. The hollow planetary gearbox completes the automatic technology of viewing angle adjustment according to the motor drive. The characteristics of the hollow planetary gearbox and the application scope of the hollow planetary gearbox are introduced in detail.


Characteristics of hollow planetary gearbox

1. Hollow structure

The wheel disc of the hollow planetary gearbox is hollow, and the AC servo motor is connected to the side, which is convenient for the installation of bronchial tubes and cables in the tool.

2. High repeatability level

The hollow planetary gearbox adopts the single-pole helical gear speed reduction method to expand the output torque, and the precision level of the transmission gear is below grade 5. With the smart backlash adjustment mechanism, the backlash is controlled according to the method of changing the center distance of the two gears to promote the hollowness. The backlash of the planet is small, with a repeat accuracy level below 5 arcseconds.

3. High stiffness

The roulette of the hollow planetary gearbox is supported by a set of high-precision crossed roller bearings. The roller bearings in the rolling bearing are arranged in a 90-degree overlapping sequence, and the diameter of the roller bearing is slightly larger. The inner and outer rings of the crossed roller bearing and the middle of the roller bearing are urged to have a pre-tightening force, so that the rotating platform wheel disc of the servo drive at the supporting point of the rolling bearing can bear various torques such as tangential, radial and collapse, and its stiffness is More than 10 times that of traditional rolling bearings.

4. High rotational precision

After the servo drive rotary platform gearbox is assembled, the cross roller bearing of the service platform is used as the rotation center, and the diameter and inner hole of the wheel disc are cut again (the standard level is boring) to ensure the parallelism of the wheel disc and the plane. Dimensional tolerances such as degrees.

5. The motor can be equipped at will

The hollow planetary gearbox can easily convert the size of the socket according to the method of customizing the flange plate and keying in the hole and shaft, and is suitable for connecting AC servo motors and servo motors of any brand.

Application scope of hollow planetary gearbox.

1. Rotary work frame in the upgrading of production line automation technology;

2. Laser marking or rotating collet in CNC engraving machine;

3. The rotating shaft in the high-precision butt joint organization;

4. Load the mechanical arm bone joint;

5. Direct drive of precision machining transmission gear;

6. High precision, high torque, high rigidity, easy to use, excellent mutual cooperation performance, closed-loop control servo motor

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