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90 degree angle planetary gearbox applications and advantages

Industry news|2022-03-03| admin

90-degree corner planetary gearbox, also known as right-angle planetary gearbox, corner planetary gearbox, 90-degree corner planetary gearbox, 90-degree corner planetary gearbox is used in many industries because of its installation flexibility, so this gearbox The basic advantages of the gearbox need to be understood. Next, Shenzhen Weidong will introduce the advantages and applications of this gearbox to you.

1. Suitable for all kinds of servo motors, brushless motors, stepper motors.

2. The motor installation can be bent 90 degrees, saving installation space, small size and light weight.

3. High rigidity and high torque, the use of integral ball bearings greatly improves rigidity and torque.

4. The right-angle planetary gearbox adopts high-viscosity and difficult-to-separate grease, which is easy to maintain, does not need to be replaced during the product life, and is easy to install.

5. Under the premise of low noise, large output torque, long service life, and ensuring precision transmission, it is perfectly applied in the case of limited space for reducing speed, increasing torque, and reducing the ratio of load/motor rotational inertia.

Application fields of right angle planetary gearbox:

Right-angle planetary gearbox series products have been widely used in engraving machines, laser machines, CNC machine tools, textile and clothing machinery, medical equipment, measuring facilities, electronic processing equipment, packaging machinery and other equipment and instruments with limited space, the speed must be reduced , increasing the torque, flight load/motor migration and transition inertia ratio.

High precision for heavy loads: When the load must be moved and precise positioning is required. Generally speaking, aviation, satellite, medical, military technology, wafer equipment, robotics and other automation equipment. What they have in common is that the torque required to move the load often far exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself. This problem can be effectively solved by increasing the output torque of the servo motor through the planetary gearbox.

Boosting torque: The output torque boosting method can directly increase the output torque of the servo motor, but this method not only must use an expensive high-power servo motor, but also has a stronger motor structure, and the torque increase is compared with the control current increase. Specifications of drive power electronic components and related electromechanical equipment will greatly increase the cost of the control system. At this time, the choice of planetary gearbox can not only meet the corresponding requirements, but also reduce the cost.

Improve the efficiency of use: In theory, increasing the power of the servo motor is also a way to increase the output torque. The power density of the servo system can be doubled by increasing the speed of the servo motor twice, without increasing the size of control system components such as drives, i.e. without adding additional cost. This requires increasing torque by matching planetary gearboxs. Therefore, the development of high-power servo motors must match the application of the gearbox, rather than omitting it.

Improve performance: It is understood that improper matching of load inertia is one of the biggest reasons for the instability of servo control. For large load inertia, the optimal equivalent load inertia can be adjusted by the inverse square of the reduction ratio to obtain the best control response. Therefore, from this point of view, the planetary gearbox is the best match for the control response of the servo application.

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