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NEUGART planetary gearboxes are used in the machine tool and food industry

Industry news|2022-04-02| admin

Neugart: Gearboxes for machine tools

Turning, milling and drilling involve applications like no other. It is critical to use components that precisely meet customer needs. The Neugart planetary gearbox came into being. Our experienced R&D and sales engineers understand what kind of solution a customer's application requires.

The main drive has high torsional rigidity and optimized torque. If the workpiece needs to be positioned precisely, the backlash must be small (usually less than one arc minute).

Our gear units combine pinion-to-rack options or the right drive concept, such as the master-slave principle,

It is therefore ideal for this application. Of course, smart structure and a variety of model options are also essential.

Whether it's tooling or part handling, with Neugart you don't have to compromise on the short axis of your machine.

We can offer you drives with optimized moments of inertia for fast positioning at a very reasonable price.

The end product quality is improved: with the right meshing, we are able to create higher value. The quality of the product surface or printed image you produce will be even better. We can also advise you on the selection of the right toothing for your specific application.

Extensive experience in the field of drives: Neugart has been specializing in drive technology for decades. Therefore, no matter how special, demanding or complex your application is, our planetary gear units can handle it with ease.

Reliable gearboxes and extremely long service life: Our planetary gearboxes do not require a lubricant change for life. The unique design developed by Neugart allows the gearbox to be lubricated for life and operate very reliably.

Smart software that helps you know everything about your product: Finding the right gear unit for an application is not so easy. Every application has its complexities, and many factors cannot be ignored. Neugart's software tools are easy to use and can make a huge difference.

Neugart: Gearboxes for the food industry

It is no exaggeration to say that Neugart has been the market leader for many years in the development of driving solutions for the food industry. Already in our standard products, there are NSF-H1 certified lubricant application options that avoid toxic contamination. But we have now gone one step further.

The HLAE from Neugart is the world's first planetary gearbox with a hygienic design that meets the strictest international hygiene standards and is 3-A RPSCQC certified. It meets the ever-increasing demands on components in the food industry and sets new benchmarks.

As a member of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), Neugart has been driving this development.

With Neugart's unique and comprehensive product line, you'll always find the right design for your application.


Economical gear unit solution: Neugart planetary gear units are based on a modular design principle and can therefore be assembled freely and in many variants. As a result, your purchase costs will be greatly reduced, while maintaining product quality.

Universal: Neugart gearboxs can be found in every country in the world. We have formed a rich network, and our products are well stocked.

Proper operation even under extreme environmental conditions: Neugart planetary gear units are able to cope with a wide range of environmental conditions. Thanks to optimised seals and lubricants selected for the application, our gear units also operate properly at temperatures up to 40 °C or have the highest degree of protection (eg IP69K).

Certified Sanitary Design: As the first planetary gearbox manufacturer in the world to be 3-A RPSCQC certified, our products meet the stringent 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. sanitation standards. This ensures hygienic safety for the customer during production.

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