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The working principle and structure of planetary gear reducer

Industry news|2022-04-08| admin

The planetary gearbox is a transmission device that converts the high-speed and low-torque output of the servo motor to the low-speed and high-torque output of the gearbox output through the transmission of the planetary gear train.

1. Structure of planetary gear gearbox

Planetary gear gearbox is also called planetary gearbox and gear gearbox. Its structure is that a gear with a fixed axis position is called a sun gear, and a gear with a variable axis on the side of the sun gear is called a planetary gear. The planetary gear is in the cloud power of the gearbox. For both rotation and revolution, the support of the planetary gear is called a planetary gear carrier. The power is transmitted to the shaft through the planetary carrier, and then output to other gears, which also reduces the transmission speed ratio and increases the motor torque proportionally. mechanism.

The main transmission structure of the planetary gear gearbox is: planetary gear, sun gear, inner gear, drive motor, transmission shaft. The planetary gear gearbox can be divided into three sections from the appearance: the input end, the deceleration section and the output end. Input end: The input section refers to the end connected to the motor, including the input shaft hole, input flange

Deceleration end: The deceleration end refers to the core end of the gearbox, which looks like a gearbox body from the outside, but actually contains many core components, such as planetary gears, sun gears, and ring gears.

Second, the working principle of planetary gear gearbox

The principle of planetary gear gearbox is equivalent to the principle of gear reduction. Planetary gear gearboxs have a fixed shaft gear, which can be called a sun gear or sun gear. On the tooth side of the sun, there are gears with changing shafts. But the gears that can "rotate" and "revolution" are called planetary gears, and planetary gears have supporting members called planet carriers. The power is transmitted to the shaft through the planet carrier, and then to other gears, which can maintain quite high precision and transmission efficiency during high-speed operation. The planet carrier and the output shaft adopt an integrated structure design, and the bearing configuration of the output shaft adopts a large-span design to ensure large torsional rigidity and output load capacity, thereby ensuring working stability.

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