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Calculation method of speed ratio of planetary gearbox


Calculation method of speed ratio of planetary gearbox

At the same time, the following requirements must be met

On the premise of satisfying the maximum load torque, the maximum operating speed and inertia ratio of the load are satisfied at the same time.

first step

First, the maximum load torque is calculated and divided by the maximum output torque of the motor, and a speed ratio that satisfies the torque can be initially obtained;

second step

Then, by dividing the calculated maximum speed of the load output terminal by the output speed of the motor, verify whether it is less than the output value calculated by the torque;

third step

Then further check the inertia ratio, and then calculate the inertia ratio from the value calculated in the first step. If it is less than 10, it means that the calculated speed ratio is feasible.

How to calculate the speed ratio of NEUGART gearbox

p 1
2 3
i 3、4、5、7、8、10 9、12、15、16、20、25、32、40、64 60、80、100、120、160、200、256、320、512

The speed ratio of NEUGART planetary gearbox has various speed ratios ranging from 3 to 512. There are three sets of planetary gear carriers in total. With the first speed ratio as the basis, the speed ratio of the two-stage planetary gearbox consists of two sets of gear carriers with the first speed ratio. For example, the 9-stage speed ratio is composed of two sets of 3-stage planetary gear carriers, and the 16-stage speed ratio is composed of two sets of 4-stage planetary gear carriers. , 32, 40, 64. From this, it can be calculated that the speed ratio of the three-stage planetary gearbox is composed of three sets of planetary gear carriers, but because the size of the box has a certain standard, it is not possible to arbitrarily use planetary gear carriers with different speed ratios to form a gearbox.

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