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PLE planetary gearbox CAD drawing download


Example of a PLE40 model:

Pitch circle diameter outup 34
Shaft diameter output 10
Centering diameter output 26
Housing diameter 40
Shaft length output 26

Download the basic information of the PLE model through NCP or the official website tool. When selecting the model, you can choose the motor model and input speed and other detailed information to match the gearbox. The parameter model information can be found in the CAD drawing or 3D drawing.PLE行星减速机内部结构图.png
NEUGART planetary gearbox PLE series CAD drawing download:

PLE040 Reference Drawings.zip

PLE060 Reference Drawings.zip

PLE080 Reference Drawings.zip

PLE120 Reference Drawings.zip

PLE160 Reference Drawings.zip

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