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PLQE series planetary gearbox drawing download


Taking the PLQE80 size planetary gearbox as an example, this gearbox has low heat generation, can withstand high forces, and can operate safely and reliably in high-demand production environments. Input the speed ratio of the gearbox model through the NEUGART selection software NCP, etc.

Select the parameters for drawing, or input the parameters of the motor to fit the appropriate gearbox, you can get the complete model drawing of the gearbox and the motor, the overall information is detailed and accurate, and the matching applicability between the gearbox and the motor can be intuitively understood.

2D CAD dimension drawing of PLQE80 planetary gearbox:


PLQE planetary gearbox internal structure CAD drawing download:

The structural parameters of the basic model of the gearbox can be used for selection reference

PLQE060 reference drawing.zip

PLQE080 reference drawing.zip

PLQE120 reference drawing.zip

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