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PLPE series planetary gearbox drawing download


Shenzhen Win-drive Automation is the agent of the full range of German NEUGART planetary gearbox products, providing technical support such as model selection and solutions. NCP professional selection software calculates the parameters of the transmission system, which is simple and easy to operate, and has an intuitive solution. Software can be provided for online guidance. The structure parameters of PLPE planetary gearbox are clear, and the motor parameters or gearbox model can be input for selection and adaptation. The following are the drawings of PLPE series products, which can be used as reference for the selection of technical parameters.

Example diagram of PLPE115 planetary gearbox:PLPE内部结构图.png

PLPE series planetary gearbox size chart download:

PLPE050 reference drawing.zip

PLPE070 reference drawing.zip

PLPE090 reference drawing.zip

PLPE120 reference drawing.zip

PLPE155 reference drawing.zip

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