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What are the functions and uses of precision planetary reducers?

Industry news|2022-01-17| admin

Precision planetary reducer is a wide range of industrial supplies. This type of reducer can be used in the military industry, but its own price has an advantage, and it is also widely used in the industrial industry. It is mainly used with servo reducer/stepper motor, which is characterized by high precision, large torque, low noise, high efficiency, long service life, etc. The special lubrication used can be lubricated for life and maintenance-free.

The precision planetary reducer can also accept high-speed input, and the maximum rated input speed can reach 18,000 rpm (the specification or model of the reducer)

More suitable for lifting and transportation, construction machinery and equipment, metallurgical industry, mining, petrochemical equipment, construction machinery and equipment, light industrial textiles, medical equipment, instrumentation equipment, vehicles, ships, weapons and equipment, aerospace and other industrial sectors.


The output torque of the industrial production precision planetary gear reducer can reach 2880Nm, and the special super large torque planetary reducer can reach more than 10000Nm. The working temperature is generally from -25°C to 100°C. The working temperature can be changed according to the replacement of lubricating oil.

The precision planetary reducer has a high cost performance, a wide range of applications, and is economical and practical. In the use of servo control, it exerts an excellent servo rigidity effect, precise control, and has low backlash, high efficiency, and high performance on the working platform. Input speed, high input torque and some other features.

The appearance and internal structure are precise, and the maintenance-free lubricating oil for life is used, and the installation structure is simple. With IP65 degree of protection, it can ignore the working environment.

The above is the role of the precision planetary reducer introduced by Shenzhen Weidong. I hope it can help you.

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