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What are the brands of German planetary reducers?

Industry news|2022-01-17| admin

With the rapid development of the industry, the demand for industrial accessories such as planetary reducers has grown significantly. The products on the market are mixed, and most users are deeply affected. Because users rely on and trust imported products and cannot really understand the products, they pursue high requirements and high precision. by some

The use of speculators has led to the emergence of reducers in the market that promote brands from Germany, Japan, Italy, etc., and the product performance is also displayed according to the high product data. . In order to let you know more about German brand planetary reducer, here are some main brands of German planetary reducer.

1. NEUGART, Germany

Newcastle, Germany established Newcastle (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. in 2004. At present, Shenyang is only one of the three overseas assembly plants of Newcastle, Germany. It is manufactured in Germany. Shenyang has a large number of product assemblies, which are delivered in most products. It has great advantages and meets the needs of domestic customers to a certain extent. According to the needs of the market, Newcastle has launched a series of products that meet the needs of users to a large extent. Now it is launching a gear reducer and a special reducer for AGV trolleys. Some customized services are also available.


Alpha reducer is also a representative of high precision in planetary reducers. For most users, it is more based on the superior performance and cost-effectiveness of the product. It mainly includes safety, precision and stability, and the service life of the product. For users, this can effectively reduce costs, reduce failure rates, and improve workpiece quality.

3. Germany (SEW)

German SEW is a multinational enterprise specializing in the production of electric motors, reducers and variable frequency control equipment. Since SEW China entered the Chinese market in 1995, it has developed into a well-known machinery manufacturing industry in China, focusing on quality, service and localization. Now there are 3 manufacturing plants in China, which are widely used in various fields such as chemical industry, light industry, and automobile industry.

4. Germany (FLENDER) Flanders

FLENDER Group is a professional power transmission equipment manufacturer, founded in 1899 and headquartered in Bocholt, Germany, which lasted 121 years. Flender provides standard series products of various power ranges, each series of products are modular in design, with extremely high combination, interchangeability and high transmission efficiency. In 2005, Siemens Industrial Automation and Drive Technologies acquired Flender.

Planetary reducer has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation, low noise, large output torque, large speed ratio, high efficiency, and safe performance. It is a new type of reducer with wide versatility. It is suitable for lifting and transportation, construction machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, construction machinery, light industry and textile, medical equipment and other industries. The above is the relevant content about the German planetary reducer brand.

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