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German NEUGART reducer PLE model product introduction

Industry news|2022-01-15| admin

There are many types of German NEUGART reducers, mainly E series and N series, two economical and precision types. In order to meet the application conditions of the industry, planetary reducers with gears have also been developed. In addition, the research and development and production of Newcastle, Germany, from the perspective of users, is committed to the research and development of reducers, and the type that meets the production needs. Today I want to tell you about the German NEUGART reducer PLE series, I hope it can help!


The PLE series is the main model of NEUGART reducer. This reducer has three-stage planetary carrier, various transmission ratios, from 3-512 to choose from. As the cornerstone of success, it has the advantages of light weight, powerful performance, stable and reliable operation, and low noise. and other excellent features. It is widely used in lifting and transportation, construction machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, medical equipment, ships, light industrial textiles, printing, laser cutting and other industries. It adopts circular output flange and low-friction deep groove ball bearing, which has good bearing capacity and lubrication function, and the running process is very stable. Coaxial design, both vertical and horizontal can be installed. Including more than 40, 60, 80, 120, 160 structural sizes, suitable for different installation environments. With low weight, the single stage of the 40 series is only 0.3kg, the axial force can reach 11000, it can work at minus 25 degrees, and the food grade is lubricated for life. The length of the box is 39-1535, which can be selected according to the required working environment.

The advantage of this PLE is that it can achieve high efficiency, powerful and excellent reducer even at high speed. The above is the relevant knowledge about NEUGART reducer PLE series, I hope it can help you

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