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How to choose the rack and pinion module

Industry news|2022-01-14| admin

Racks and pinions are widely used, and the accuracy, modulus and processing technology of the rack are more important in the selection process. Taking the STRRONSE rack as an example, the quality of grade 6 will be relatively lower than that of grade 8 and 9; the processing technology includes two processes: fine milling and grinding. Among them, the characteristics of the process, the grinding teeth are precisely machined, and the overall quality will be better than that of the finely milled racks. The next step is the module rack. The module of the rack is determined according to the application environment, so that it will be more accurate when used together. Most of them have already determined the module of the rack, and there will be a few that need to be selected by the rack. Next, I will introduce the knowledge of gear rack module selection, hoping to help you.


The number of rack teeth has a corresponding relationship with the module. The larger the module, the smaller the number of teeth. On the contrary, the smaller the module, the more the number of teeth. Therefore, a rack with a small module will be more precise than a rack with a larger module. In the case of a large number of teeth, the coincidence coefficient will be high, and the relative required meshing accuracy will also be higher.

Just like in the case of the same diameter, the smaller the module, the more teeth, and the corresponding external dimensions of each gear tooth will also become smaller, and the strength will become lower. From this aspect

The size of the load torque is determined by the size of the gear, and conversely, the size of the gear also determines the size of the load torque. The modulus and number of teeth of the gear determine the size of the gear. When the modulus is the same, the smaller the number of teeth, the fewer the gears, but the number of teeth cannot be decelerated infinitely. Conversely, the greater the number of teeth, the larger the gear and the greater the load torque.

The above is about the knowledge of the rack and pinion module. More depends on the application situation to decide the choice of the rack and pinion module. Shenzhen Weidong can make a complete selection plan according to the needs. More knowledge of the rack and pinion is welcome to communicate.

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