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What is a hollow planetary reducer and how to select it

Industry news|2022-01-14| admin

There are many types of planetary reducers on the market, and the price of the reducer is also different. How to choose the correct and cost-effective hollow planetary reducer among the reducers of different brands or different prices? Today, I will talk with you about what is a hollow planetary reducer, and introduce the selection of hollow reducers.


The classification of planetary reducers is based on gear accuracy. The higher the precision of the planetary gear, the higher the accuracy of the operation of the reducer; then the output end and shape of the reducer are classified, and the output ends are classified as shafts. There are three categories of output, flange output, and hollow shaft output, which will be subdivided one by one next time. The shape classification includes corner reducer, disc reducer and common coaxial reducer. The hollow planetary reducer that I want to talk about today is the hollow output shaft. In the NEUGART planetary reducer series, the hollow planetary reducer has two models: WPSFN and NGV. Both of these two types of reducers are output from the hollow shaft of the corner, and the precision will be relatively high, which greatly optimizes the running performance of the product. The whole so-called hollow planetary reducer refers to the reducer with hollow shaft output.

So in industrial applications, how to select this type of reducer? The general need to use this reducer is that the load input end is the shaft output, such as a roller. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose the appropriate speed ratio and output size. Too high or too low running speed will affect the product quality. It is also very important to choose the appropriate speed ratio and output size. More importantly, you need to choose according to your actual application.

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