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Which reducers will be used in industrial robots, and what are the applications of servo planetary reducers in robots?

Industry news|2022-01-24| admin

Industrial production has entered an era of high-speed development. The supply, production and sales information in production is digitized and artificially intelligent, resulting in fast, effective and personalized product supply. Therefore, the use of industrial robots is becoming more and more extensive. Including welding, painting, assembly, collection and placement (eg packaging), product inspection and testing, etc.; all jobs are done with efficiency, performance, speed and accuracy. Then the requirements for the servo planetary reducer are getting higher and higher. So which reducers will be used in industries such as industrial robots? What is the application of servo planetary reducer in robots? Today, Shenzhen Weidong brings relevant knowledge to help everyone understand.

The servo precision planetary reducer has a high precision of 3 arc minutes, which enables the robot to be more precise and flexible. Servo precision planetary reducers guarantee high speed requirements and rapid acceleration in industrial applications, and are very precise.

The low-wear design scheme of the servo precision planetary reducer ensures the reliability and service life of the application, and can run smoothly for a long time. Among them, industrial automation accessories, automation systems and factory automation solutions are the core areas.

The fine RV reducer is a new type of transmission, which is developed on the basis of the traditional cycloid planetary transmission. It has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, small size and stable transmission. It has attracted more and more attention at home and abroad, and is widely used in industrial robots, satellite reception systems, medical testing equipment and other industries.

A servo planetary reducer is a reducer with three planetary gears rotating around a sun gear. The planetary reducer is small in size, light in weight, high in carrying capacity, long in service life, stable in operation and low in noise. It has the characteristics of power splitting and multi-tooth meshing alone; it is a widely used industrial product. Its function is comparable to other military-grade planetary reducer products, but it has the price of industrial-grade products and is used in a wide range of industries. Industry.

The fine harmonic reducer consists of three parts: wave generator, rigid wheel and flexible wheel. Its working principle is that the flexible wheel undergoes controllable elastic deformation by the harmonic generator, and the flexible wheel meshes with the rigid wheel to transmit power and achieve the purpose of deceleration; according to the different wave generators, there are cam type, eccentric disc type, Roller type. The harmonic reducer has large transmission ratio, small outline, small number of parts and high transmission efficiency.

Industrial robots are high-tech, and high-precision equipment has high requirements for reducers. When selecting a precision reducer, it is necessary to select from the aspects of torsional stiffness, starting torque, transmission accuracy, transmission error, transmission efficiency, etc. At present, only the fine harmonic reducer and the fine planetary reducer can meet the requirements of the industrial robot reducer. , three kinds of fine RV reducer.

The above is about which reducers will be used in industrial robots, and the application of servo planetary reducers in robots. The industry applications of planetary reducers are very extensive, and their professionalism is also relatively strong. It is necessary to know more about the industry knowledge. have a certain understanding.

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