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What are the key points for the selection of small planetary reducers?

Industry news|2022-01-30| admin

Planetary reducer can be divided into high-power reducer and low-power reducer according to power. According to the size, in the case of different sizes, it can also be called a miniature planetary reducer. The application industry of the reducer is wide and the models are diversified. In the selection process, different application situations will use different reducers. Today, I will introduce the selection points of Newcastle small planetary reducer, which is convenient for you to refer to when selecting models. .

       First of all, in the selection process of the reducer, the speed ratio of the reducer must be specified. After the speed ratio is determined, the value of multiplying the rated torque of the servo motor and the reducer is theoretically smaller than that of the selected product. The sample provides similar output torque while also taking into account the overload of the drive. The required working torque needs to be less than twice the rated output torque.

       After the above conditions are met, the return clearance of the small planetary reducer needs to be considered below. The return clearance is related to the accuracy, the smaller the clearance, the higher the accuracy. The return clearance accuracy of Newcastle's high-precision series of planetary reducers can reach 1 arc minute. Among them, the radial and axial forces must also be considered. The reducer with large radial and axial forces will be more reliable during installation and use.

1. Torque calculation

       For the use of the reducer, the calculation of the bearing torque is very important, and attention should also be paid to the acceleration and deceleration torque values during work. Newcastle reducers have suitable reducers for various application environments, and their reliability and life will be better than ordinary reducers.

Second, the focus of selection

1. The diameter of the selected motor output shaft cannot be larger than the maximum use shaft diameter of the reducer

2. After the calculation of the torque, the torque can operate normally, but when the motor is fully output and the reducer is insufficient, we can do current limiting control on the driver on the motor side or do torque protection on the mechanical shaft. Work is necessary.

What are the models of the reducer:

First of all, you should choose a reducer that matches the motor flange. Our models are also classified according to the output end. There are 64, 70, 80, 90, 110, 142 series, etc. There are too many specifics, so I will not give an example here. .

Newcastle reducers are mainly classified into economical and precision types, and the specific selection also needs to be selected according to the working environment. Economical reducers include PLE, PLPE, PLQE, PLFE, PLHE, PFHE, WPLE, WPLQE, WPLPE, WPLFE; precision types include PSBN, PSN, PLN, PSFN, PLFN, WPLN, WPSFN, WGN; The HLAE planetary reducer for the medical food industry and the NGV model of the planetary reducer for AGV trolleys are now launched with a force belt gear planetary reducer.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the selection points of small planetary reducer. By the way, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of Newcastle planetary reducer model. More knowledge can be communicated with our technology. This article also hopes to bring you to help.

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