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How to add lubricating oil for planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-04-18| admin

Before adding planetary gearbox lubricant, please note the following:

1. Under what circumstances need to use lubricating oil.

The working characteristics of planetary gearbox joints are frequent starting and reciprocating movement in a small space, which is easy to cause fretting wear. Therefore, adding lubricant can improve the fretting wear resistance of the gearbox. Planetary gearboxs have high machining accuracy and small friction surface clearance, and are increasingly used in high-load conditions. Therefore, they are often in a state of boundary lubrication, and lubricants need to be added to improve the wear performance of wheel bearings, avoid excessive clearance and reduce accuracy. Lubricating oil can make the gearbox have better vibration and noise reduction effect, and also have better shock load resistance. Adding lubricating oil can make the planetary gearbox have good stability and safety.

1. Before the gearbox works, lubricating oil must be filled according to the specified amount.

2. When adding lubricants with different air pressures, please set the working pressure below 0.03Mpa

3. To avoid liquid leakage due to overfilling of lubricant, please make sure to keep about 10% of the total volume.

Precautions when using lubricants:

1. Before using the lubricant, be sure to read the precautions recorded on the lubricant container and choose the lubricant correctly. Health hazards can occur if we use incorrect management methods.

2. Please wear protective glasses to prevent lubricants from entering your eyes.

3. Please wear rubber gloves to prevent the lubricant from contacting the skin.

4. Don't ingest lubricating oil by mistake. If the lubricant gets into the mouth, it can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

During the use of the planetary gearbox, some problems may occur due to some reasons. For example, excessive pressure inside the planetary gearbox may cause the oil seal to fall off or the lubricant to leak. If overfilled, and the internal pressure is too high due to increased temperature during operation, the oil seal may come off or the lubricant may leak. If the lubricating oil filling amount is too low, the planetary gearbox may be damaged prematurely.

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