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How to solve the fault of precision planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-04-22| admin

Precision planetary gearbox has a very important proportion in industrial automation production. A good precision instrument is of great help to production. Precision planetary gearbox plays such a role in the production process. The precision gearbox can effectively provide the precision or standard for the production of workpieces, but it will also cause certain damage after a long time of use. Today, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of how to solve the fault of the precision planetary gearbox, hoping to bring you help.

1. When the planetary gearbox is loaded, the motor does not rotate.

In this case, the voltage level may be too low, the gear's transmission system may be damaged, or it may be overloaded. To check whether the output of the power supply is insufficient, it is necessary to technically identify the damage, reduce the load of the machine, or go to the factory for repair. In this case, manual rotation of the input shaft or motor fan blades is required. If there is no problem, see if the output shaft will move in the opposite direction. If there is no problem, the no-load fault of the transmission part can be ruled out. Then go to the next step, turn the output shaft by hand in both directions, check its return clearance, and check the machine for damage. If the clearance of the gearbox is relatively small, the test can be run directly, and low noise will be generated, which is not very obvious; if the clearance is large, there will be a lot of noise during operation, so it is necessary to disassemble, inspect and inspect the composite structural parts. Repair, replace standard parts.

2. The precision planetary gearbox produces abnormal heat.

The possible causes of abnormal heating of the gearbox are overload, high switching frequency, bearing wear or high or low voltage. It can be solved by reducing the frequency of compliance and use, otherwise repair or replacement. Generally speaking, the temperature rise of precision planetary gearbox under load conditions should not exceed 45 degrees. When the temperature rises above 50 degrees, the machine should be stopped for inspection. This abnormal temperature increase can be caused by improper lubrication of a small part of the machine transmission or by surface friction caused by axial forces. Check oil level and oil brand or disassemble to check for signs of hairiness and end face grinding.


3. The planetary gearbox is too noisy.

The noise of the gearbox is too large and it continues to generate. It is necessary to check whether the bearings of the gearbox are damaged, check the gear meshing inside the gearbox, and check whether the gears are worn or blocked by foreign objects inside, and the operation is not smooth. In this case, you need to contact the manufacturer for repair.

4. Excessive vibration of the precision right-angle planetary gearbox

The large vibration of the gearbox during operation may be because the gear or the output shaft bearing has been worn, and the installation of the fixed parts is unstable. In this case, it is necessary to check the installation of the gearbox first, tighten the screws, or re-install the gearbox according to the process. If it is determined that there is still obvious vibration after the gearbox is installed stably, it may be that there is a problem with the internal structure of the gearbox. Contact factory for repair.

5. Oil leakage of precision planetary gearbox

The gearbox has oil leakage at the connecting flange or the motor, oil seal, and input and output parts. In this case, the sealing ring of the gearbox may be damaged, or the internal installation of the gearbox may be loose. It is necessary to first check whether the installation is stable, tighten the installation screws of the gearbox, and then check whether the sealing ring of the gearbox has been damaged and oil leakage occurs. Replace the sealing ring of the gearbox, or check the screw of the gearbox

The above is the relevant knowledge about how to solve the fault of the precision planetary gearbox. The precision planetary gearbox will encounter some problems during the use process. I will introduce some common problems and solutions to you. The precision gearbox is used in industrial automation production. It plays a very important role and needs simple maintenance in daily work, so that the use process is smoother and the accuracy of the workpiece is guaranteed.

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