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The effect of lubricating oil on planetary gear gearbox

Industry news|2022-04-25| admin

The unreasonable lubrication method and structural design defects of the planetary gearbox make the application of the planetary gearbox unreliable. The problems reflected are that the service life is reduced, and the second is that the noise and vibration are large, resulting in frequent maintenance. Moreover, the eccentric bearing and needle roller sleeve must be replaced for each overhaul, which increases the maintenance cost. The work of the bearing is not very stable. Due to the action of gravity and the vibration generated by the mechanical movement, a slight displacement of the bearing in the axial position is bound to occur. This relative movement is very harmful. Continued impact can cause the circlip to deform and break, which can lead to the risk of the bearing falling off the shaft. Even if the bearing doesn't fall off, there is a lot of noise due to vibration. The lubrication method of the planetary gearbox is also an aspect of poor lubrication. Splash lubrication mode is mainly used at high speeds, but is obviously not suitable for such medium-load low-speed situations.

In some harsh working environments, the metal or plastic gears inside the planetary gearbox are susceptible to a series of influences after high-speed friction, such as high temperature, high pressure, carbon deposits, sludge, worn metal particles and other issues are inevitable, which will seriously affect the deceleration. The normal operation of the gearbox will shorten the service life of the gearbox. Therefore, in order to reduce the friction of the gears in the gearbox, reduce the noise, and avoid carbon deposition, it is necessary to select the appropriate gear grease for protection.

1. Protection of gear grease for planetary gearbox

1. The working characteristics of the planetary gearbox are frequent starting and reciprocating movement in a small space, which is easy to cause slight wear. Therefore, adding gear lubricant can improve the anti-wear ability of the gearbox.

2. The planetary gearbox has high machining accuracy and small clearance, and is commonly used in high-load and precision working conditions. However, it is necessary to add gear lubricating oil during work to optimize the wear performance of the gear bearing and avoid excessive clearance and reduce accuracy

3. Gear lubricating oil can make the gearbox have better vibration and noise reduction effect, and also have better anti-shock load capacity.

4. The gearbox gear grease can make the planetary gearbox have good high temperature stability and oxidation stability, and avoid loss at high temperature. At the same time, the grease with good oxidation stability can also ensure the life of the gearbox and does not need to be replaced frequently.

Second, the use of gearbox lubricating oil

1. When filling gear lubricating oil, the oil level should be in the middle of the oil gauge or oil device.

2. When the planetary gearbox is not used for a long time, new lubricating oil should be replaced before use.

3. Generally speaking, the planetary gearbox needs to be replaced after 220 hours of use. Every oil change is better than the last. In particular, the remaining dirty oil should be removed before replacement. The gearbox works 10 hours a day and needs to be replaced every three months, while the planetary gearbox that works 3 hours a day only needs to change the lubricating oil every six months.

Newcastle's unique lubricating oil has excellent noise reduction, lubrication, wear resistance and durability. They are designed for working conditions with high requirements for noise reduction and wear resistance, and have a low coefficient of friction for long-term noise reduction at high speeds. At the same time, it has excellent wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, good water resistance, oxidation resistance and stability, and has a very long service life.

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