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What are the advantages of flange output planetary reducer

Industry news|2022-04-26| admin

There are many output methods of planetary gearbox, mainly shaft output and flange output, which can also be subdivided into flat keys, splines, flanges with matching pin holes, flanges with positioning pin holes and other output methods. Today What are the advantages of the gearbox flange output? Provide reference for everyone to choose.

There are different types of flange output gearbox, disc type flange output gearbox, right angle flange output gearbox, hollow shaft flange gearbox and other models, which integrate precision and high efficiency, and are widely used in laser cutting, Industrial robots and machine tool industries can complete tasks safely and reliably in production.

The overall structure of the gearbox flange output is compact, and the output end uses a flange-type design that matches the industrial robot and machine tool industry, which can easily and quickly complete the connection with the machine. The built-in positioning pin hole of the gearbox can effectively provide protection for installation. Because of the compact structure, the flange output gearbox can save a lot of space, and at the same time, the torsional rigidity has been significantly improved, which is suitable for industries with high radial load. Among them, the pre-tightening angular contact roller bearing and hypoid gear of the flange planetary gearbox improve the precision and bearing capacity of the gearbox. The self-developed high-precision helical teeth have high meshing degree between the gears, the overall precision of the gearbox is high, and the return clearance is low, which can complete the work of many precision industries.

On the whole, the flange output of the gearbox reserves a lot of space for application and installation, and the overall accuracy is high. Moreover, the helical gear gearbox has the advantages of high running accuracy and low noise, high load, stable operation and high efficiency. . It is this that makes the helical flange output gearbox popular in some precision industries

The above is the relevant knowledge about the advantages of the flange output gearbox. For more relevant knowledge of the gearbox, you can contact the technical consultation!

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