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Application scope of planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-04-27| admin

Planetary gearboxs are used in many industries and have the characteristics of high precision, small size, low noise, and large torque. When working with the motor in the application, the planetary gearbox can be considered in many places. Today, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of the application scope of the planetary gearbox and provide you with a reference.


The planetary gearbox has high precision and is suitable for some high-precision production industries, such as laser cutting, manipulator, packaging and other industries. Moreover, the gears in the gearbox are also closely related to the accuracy of the gearbox. The lower the return clearance of the gears, the higher the accuracy of the gearbox.

More of them are used in automated robots, packaging equipment, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing industry, laser cutting industry, lithium battery coating machine industry, woodworking machinery and other industries.

There are many types of gearboxs. Planetary gearboxs are driven by gears to transmit torque and are used in many industries. Compared with other types of gearboxs, the efficiency of planetary gearboxs will increase significantly. As the technology in the transmission field matures, prices will decrease and industry applications will become more and more extensive.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the application scope of planetary gearbox.

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