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Planetary reducer brand in CNC machine tool industry

Industry news|2022-04-28| admin

Planetary gearbox has a wide range of applications in the machine tool industry. In today's industrial development, the machinery industry has developed rapidly. As an indispensable part, planetary gearbox is also slowly improving in terms of quality and economy. Many industries do not know how to choose a suitable brand when choosing a gearbox. Today, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of the CNC machine tool planetary gearbox brand, hoping to help you.

First, behind a strong enterprise is a strong production base. The same product, the use of planetary gearbox can reduce the speed, increase the torque, and the customer cost can also be reduced, which is applicable to all motors and related. In order to have a good effect on other products, the planetary gearbox has a good sublimation effect on the work of CNC machine tools.

The application of high-precision low-backlash planetary gearbox in CNC machine tools has compact structure, small volume, strong rigidity, and can generate high torque density. Coaxial inputs and outputs allow for more flexible designs and lower weight. High transmission efficiency, maintenance-free, long service life, modular design, easy application and installation, good thermal conductivity, not easy to temperature rise, it is better to choose parts for CNC machine tools. The transmission of CNC machine tools comes from servo motors.

The practical application shows that the control system adopts high precision, low backlash and precision ball screw, which is easy to install and can produce high precision products. High-strength rigid structure, long service life, high efficiency, maintenance-free oil change, thus reducing mechanical failure. After the gear is treated by ion nitriding, the magnetic layer on the surface is wear-resistant, and the base material maintains toughness. Using the hard cutting method, the deformation is small, the tooth shape is correct, and the planetary gearbox with low backlash and high precision can be produced.

At least four machining centers and CNC machines are available. X-axis, Y-axis feed and rapid feed increase feed smoothness, reduce noise, and reduce servo motor costs. Because high torque can make control easier, although the load is different, it does not affect the smoothness of the feed. Due to gravity, the load on the Z axis is completely different from the load above and below the Z axis. Adding a high-precision low-backlash planetary gearbox can reduce the load of the servo motor and increase the service life of the machine. The planetary gearbox with high speed, accurate positioning, low vibration, high precision and low backlash is still a better choice for the tool changing mechanism.

The transmission source of CNC machine tools all come from servo motors. With the advancement of industry, motors have been innovating in the direction of precision, high efficiency and simple control. Mechanical matching has also been upgraded from traditional screws to sophisticated planetary gearboxs. However, due to the processing of the machine tool itself, the conditions of the load feed system are quite different, and it is necessary to increase the gearbox to increase the torque, improve the inertia matching of the load end, and make the feed run smoothly. Ordinary gearboxs have poor efficiency, large size and short life, and cannot perform precise positioning control. Therefore, a high-precision planetary gearbox with low backlash is still a good match, which can eliminate the above difficulties.

Planetary gearbox brands are NEUGART, WITTENSTEIN, STOBER, these three planetary gearboxs are German brands, mainly in the field of precision planetary gearboxs, with high precision and wide application industry. After the main precision parts are produced in Germany and assembled in China, each has its own advantages. Japan's Sumitomo and Xinbao gearboxs have good precision, but the quality of mass production is relatively low. The domestic gearboxs include Hubei Planet, Ningbo Zhongda, New’s Dart and other brands. The quality in the domestic industry is very good. It is also due to the relatively late start of the domestic machinery industry. It is slightly insufficient to compare the accuracy of foreign brands, but the cost performance is ok.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the CNC machine tool planetary gearbox brand, I hope it can help you. The relative accuracy of the gearbox used in the machine tool industry has certain requirements, and there are considerations in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. The selection of the specific machine tool gearbox still needs to be selected according to the actual application.

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