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Calculation of the speed ratio of the first stage planetary gearbox of NEUGART gearbox

Industry news|2022-04-29| admin

NEUGART gearbox is committed to composing a variety of gearbox types with limited parts, and hopes to make this process easy. Through the understanding of industry applications, the intelligence of the gearbox is brought into play and the solution is formulated in a short period of time with the help of personalized research and development. The application industry of NEUGART gearbox is diversified. We have mature technology and systematic industry solutions. Today, I will introduce the basic knowledge of NEUGART gearbox - the calculation of the speed ratio of the first-level planetary gearbox of NEUGART gearbox.

The first-level speed ratios of NEUGART gearboxs are 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10, and the speed ratios of different brands of gearboxs will be somewhat different. The 7 and 9 speed ratios will be included in the first level by some gearboxs within the speed ratio. Here we need to understand the correlation between the sun gear, the planetary gear and the ring gear of the planetary gearbox. The structure of a planetary gearbox is composed of the input end, the output shaft and the planetary gear carrier. The planetary gear carrier is composed of a sun gear, a planetary gear and a ring gear. The size of the sun gear of the gearbox is also determined by the planetary gear. When the planetary gear increases, the sun gear will become smaller. The first speed ratio calculation formula of the gearbox is:


      (ring gear ÷ number of teeth of sun gear)+1

The two-stage speed ratio gearbox is composed of two planetary gear carriers with one-stage speed ratios. Simply multiplying the two first-stage speed ratios will get a two-stage speed ratio gearbox. From this, a three-stage speed ratio can be derived. The speed ratio of the gearbox is limited, but the internal structure of the planetary gearbox is limited, and the speed ratio will also have a certain range value.

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