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PLE planetary gearbox structure and dimension drawing

Industry news|2022-05-12| admin


PLE40 model structure and dimension drawing

Professional gearbox selection software, easy to operate, only need a few steps to generate TDF file information. This includes the dimensional data and geometric parameters of the gearbox as well as the CAD model.

The geometry of the planetary gearbox can be adjusted directly on the motor, with the help of the information in the motor database or by directly entering the connection parameters of the motor. In this case, it can be downloaded directly from the dimension drawing and CAD data without selecting a specific motor. The data of the gearbox, the combination of the motor and the gearbox can be realized in a few simple steps, which can effectively save costs and save energy. When the gearbox data is entered, complex calculations are performed on the transmission system in the background. Through the NCP selection software, you can query common motors and various applications, and there will be dynamic load display and data at different stages, which is convenient to observe whether the motor combination used is suitable.


The PLE model is a basic reducer in the NEUGART series. This reducer adopts a circular flange output and has a total of three speed ratios. It is composed of spur gear frame, low friction deep groove ball bearing and output shaft, the overall structure is simple and the installation is convenient.

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