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What are the reasons for the gear teeth of the planetary gearbox?

Industry news|2022-05-23| admin

Planetary gearbox is a kind of small size, high precision, low noise, etc. It has a wide range of applications in industrial automation. The internal structure of the planetary gearbox is compact, and the planetary gear is closely combined with the sun gear and the inner gear. The main structure of the planetary gearbox is this part of the planetary gear carrier. During the work of the gearbox, the problem of the gear teeth of the planetary gearbox will be encountered. What is the reason for this problem and how to solve it? Take a look.

If the planetary gearbox is stuck, check whether it should be lubricated with lubricating oil. If lubrication is not in place, stop the machine, add oil to its bearings and other inflexible parts, and start the machine slowly. Only after applying a certain amount of lubricating oil to all parts can it be adjusted to a normal state

Since the three planetary gears in the planetary gearbox are driven by the sun gear and rotate along the ring gear at the same time, under normal conditions, the three planetary gears have the same center of rotation and the same rotational speed; however, when there are tiny debris between the gears , the instantaneous center of rotation and instantaneous rotational speed of each planetary gear may be different, resulting in elastic deformation of the gear, resulting in the opposite resistance to the transmission power. The maximum resistance is related to the size of the debris between the teeth, the shape variable and the elastic coefficient; when the elastic coefficient is constant, the larger the size of the debris, the greater the requirement for gear deformation, the greater the maximum resistance; when the shape variable is constant, the elasticity The larger the coefficient, the greater the resistance. When the resistance is greater than the transmission power, the gears in the planetary gearbox will stop, causing the gears to get stuck.

If it is not the above problem, the planetary gearbox gear may have other fault problems. First check the hardness of the gear and check whether the bearing surface is bitten. In this case, replace the parts in time to keep the machine running normally

In fact, the structural parts of the planetary gearbox are generally surface-hardened, which can better reduce the plastic deformation and pitting on the gear surface and prolong the service life of the planetary gearbox; however, the elastic coefficient of the hardened gear is large, A small amount of deformation will generate a large resistance, which is easy to cause the planetary gearbox to get stuck.

Clamping teeth are a common problem of planetary gearboxs, so planetary gearboxs have higher requirements on the purity of lubricating oil, and the frequency of replacing lubricating oil is low

When there are small debris between the gears of the planetary gearbox, the wire ring disk will be deformed to a certain extent. Since the elastic coefficient of the steel ring disk is relatively small, the resistance to the sun gear after deformation is small, which can effectively avoid the problem of tooth jamming. Therefore, within the elastic deformation adjustment range of the steel wire ring disk, the interference of small debris can be buffered, the requirement for the purity of the lubricating oil can be greatly reduced, and the frequent replacement of the lubricating oil can be avoided.

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