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NEUGART precision planetary gearbox model specifications

Industry news|2022-05-24| admin

NEUGART planetary gearbox can be divided into economical type and precision type. Compared with economical type, precision type has better precision, while economical type is more cost-effective. Precision gearboxs have many advantages and are widely favored, such as small size, high precision, low noise, large torque, long life, easy installation, etc. This type of gearbox has high meshing precision between planetary gears and large output torque , In industrial applications, with high load and low noise during operation, what are the models of NEUGART precision planetary gearbox? Let's find out together.


PSBN precision planetary gearbox, this high-performance precision gearbox is equipped with high-precision helical gears, which is quiet and noiseless during operation, quieter than ordinary gearboxs, and stable in operation. This gearbox has four specifications: PSBN70, PSBN90, PSBN115, and PSBN142, with a total of 16 speed ratios from 3 to 100.


PSN precision planetary gearbox is a helical gear planetary gearbox with strong bearing load capacity. The new type of helical gear can operate under the condition of strong noise, and the vibration amplitude during operation will also be greatly reduced, improving the surface quality of the workpiece. The specifications of this planetary gearbox are PSN70, PSN90, PSN115, PSN142, PSN190 five specifications and models, 3-100 multi-stage speed ratio can be selected.


The PLN spur gear planetary gearbox is a high-efficiency gearbox suitable for high-torque applications; it has a good seal, which ensures that it can still provide good performance in the case of splashing water and dust. This gearbox has five specifications and models, PLN70, PLN90, PLN115, PLN142, and PLN190, and there are more than 3-100 speed ratios to choose from.


PSFN flange output gearbox, standardized flange interface, equipped with high-precision helical teeth, can achieve low-noise operation without noise reduction treatment. Equipped with preloaded angular contact roller bearings, the anti-tilting moment is very high and can complete many difficult tasks. PSFN64, PSFN90, PSFN110, PSFN140, PSFN200 five specifications and models, 4-100 kinds of speed ratio options.


PLFN flange output gearbox, flange planetary gearbox with straight teeth, easy installation, high anti-tilting moment, can realize operation under high radial force and axial force. This gearbox has five sizes of PLFN64, PLFN90, PLFN110, PLFN140, and PLFN200, and there are 4-100 multi-stage speed ratio options.


WPLN right angle planetary gearbox is a gearbox equipped with hypoid gears, the performance of synchronous operation is optimized, the surface quality of the applied workpiece is also improved, the vibration amplitude of this gearbox will also be reduced, and the operation is smooth and quiet . There are four types of WPLN gearbox specifications and models: WPLN70, WPLN90, WPLN115, and WPLN142, and the speed ratio is 4-100 multi-stage options.


WPSFN right-angle flange output gearbox, equipped with flange output shaft and hollow shaft output gearbox, can be quickly and easily installed in the system, and is equipped with helical planetary gears, which greatly optimizes the synchronous running performance and the surface quality of the workpiece. There are four types of WPSFN right-angle flange output gearbox models: WPSFN64, WPSFN90, WPSFN110, WPSFN140, and 4-100 multi-stage speed ratio options.


WGN hollow shaft output right angle gearbox, equipped with hypoid gear, is a quiet running gearbox. The gear ranger of this gearbox improves the processing quality of the workpiece, and can be directly installed on the application by using an expansion sleeve, which is simple and convenient. The models of WGN hollow shaft gearbox are WGN70, WGN90, WGN115, WGN142 four specifications and sizes, and five speed ratios from 4-10 can be selected.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the model of NEUGART precision planetary gearbox. In addition, there are food-grade gearbox HLAE applied in hygienic design and planetary gearbox that can be equipped with pinions for different applications. NEUGART gearbox has a complete range of models and specifications, and is widely used in various industries. It can be seen in different industries. Professional technology provides integrated system selection solutions.

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