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How about NEUGART planetary gearbox?

Industry news|2022-05-25| admin

Planetary gearboxs are widely used in mechanical equipment. Domestic planetary gearbox brands include Hubei Planet, Jiangsu Taixing and other planetary gearbox brands, Japan's Sumitomo planetary gearbox, Germany's NEUGART planetary gearbox and other brands. NEUGART planetary gearbox is a gearbox imported from Germany. Among many gearbox brands, what is the reason why NEUGART gearbox can stand out? How about NEUGART planetary gearbox? Let's take a look at the advantages of NEUGART gearbox.


NEUGART planetary gearbox has the advantages of small size, light weight, high bearing capacity, stable operation, low noise, large torque, high precision, low moment of inertia, convenient installation, accurate tooth profile, coaxial output and so on.

The high-precision helical teeth used in the NEUGART planetary gearbox can achieve quiet and noise-free operation in practical applications, ensuring a good working environment and no noise pollution; the meshing precision of the helical gears is high, and the precision requirements for the gears of the planetary gearbox are Very high, under such strict standards, the return clearance range of the NEUGART gearbox is reduced to 1-5arcmin. Under such precision, the overall accuracy is high, and the quality of the workpiece will be greatly improved; due to the bearings and The output end has various styles, which brings high torsional rigidity to the gearbox. The application scenarios of high radial force and axial force can run well. NEUGART gearbox can be competent for different working environments; independently developed The seal can effectively prevent dust and splash water from entering the gearbox, and the seal is good, and the interior will not be affected by external factors under long-term operation. Due to the compact internal structure and small overall volume of the NEUGART gearbox, it can be flexibly installed in a limited space.


NEUGART planetary gearbox is a common industrial automation part, which is used in machine tool, printing, equipment transmission system, automobile transmission, industrial transmission, automation equipment, food machinery, smart home, robotics and other fields.

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