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Planetary gearbox selection calculation formula

Industry news|2022-05-25| admin

There are many factors that need to be considered in the selection process of the planetary gearbox. If the selection is small, the gearbox will not be able to withstand the load or other conditions after operation; if the selection is large, it will cause a waste of resources. The selection of planetary gearbox needs to consider many factors, such as load, torque, return clearance, inertia, accuracy, installation size, speed, etc. Because some values have been determined, the main ones are speed ratio, torque and accuracy. Whether the item parameters meet the running requirements. Today, I will introduce the relevant formulas and some knowledge of planetary gearbox selection and calculation.

1. Selection of speed ratio: input speed of gearbox ÷ output speed of gearbox = final speed ratio

2. Torque: gearbox torque > servo motor output torque × speed ratio

3. Accuracy: The return clearance of the gearbox (backlash, backlash, and backlash) can be selected according to the needs of the equipment


   Planetary gearbox selection

        1. Calculate the load torque


        2. Calculate the output torque of the gearbox


        3. Select a reasonable gearbox according to the reduction ratio, the output torque of the gearbox, the size of the input motor end, and the size of the output device end.

Type of load: The working conditions corresponding to each type of load are different, the parameters are also different, and the calculation methods are also different in different situations. Common motors and various applications of planetary gearboxs, such as rack and pinion, ball screws, belts, conveyor belts, turntables, crankshafts and rewinding mechanisms, etc.

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