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PLHE planetary gearbox model data introduction

Industry news|2022-05-30| admin

PLHE planetary gearbox is a combination of NEUGART economical and high-precision gearbox. The output bearing of this PLHE gearbox is equipped with tapered roller bearings, which ensures that the gearbox has good rigidity and load during operation. capacity, suitable for some high-load industries. Moreover, the self-developed seals can effectively prevent dust and splash water from entering the machine. This gearbox has good precision in the economical series and is suitable for printing machinery, cutting machinery, medical machinery, and other automation equipment fields.

The PLHE gearbox has three specifications of 60, 80, and 120 to choose from, the speed ratio is 3-100 multi-stage speed ratio, the rated torque is 15-260Nm, the radial force is 3200-6000N, and the axial force is 4400-8000N. It is a high load the gearbox. The output shaft of the PLHE gearbox can be selected in different styles, such as the output mode with a feather key. The feather key is a universal connecting element that allows a quick connection between the planetary gearbox with an output shaft and other applications. The drive flange of the planetary gearbox can be individually adapted to the motor, and the motor model can be selected flexibly. The PLHE has an extra-long centering ring and can be installed at any position. Installation provides more options and also saves time in the installation process.


PLHE gearbox model:

PLHE060-3, PLHE060-4, PLHE060-5, PLHE060-7, PLHE060-8, PLHE060-10, PLHE060-9, PLHE060-12, PLHE060-15, PLHE060-16, PLHE060-20, PLHE060-25, PLHE060- 32. PLHE060-40, PLHE060-64, PLHE060-100

PLHE080-3, PLHE080-4, PLHE080-5, PLHE080-7, PLHE080-8, PLHE080-10, PLHE080-9, PLHE080-12, PLHE080-15, PLHE080-16, PLHE080-20, PLHE080-25, PLHE080- 32. PLHE080-40, PLHE080-64, PLHE080-100

PLHE120-3, PLHE120-4, PLHE120-5, PLHE120-7, PLHE120-8, PLHE120-10, PLHE120-9, PLHE120-12, PLHE120-15, PLHE120-16, PLHE120-20, PLHE120-25, PLHE120- 32. PLHE120-40, PLHE120-64, PLHE120-100

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