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How to match the planetary gearbox according to the servo motor

Industry news|2022-05-30| admin

Because the speed of the general servo motor will be relatively high, the ordinary gear gearbox cannot be used with the servo motor. In the case of high speed, the sealing ring of the gear gearbox will be aged and overheated. The input speed ratio of the general gearbox is less than 1500rpm, and the input speed of the servo motor needs to reach more than 3000-6000rpm, while the speed of the planetary gearbox is about 3000-8000rpm, which just meets this demand. Servo motors are commonly used motors in automation equipment, CNC machine tools and intelligent robots. If the precision of the gearbox used is too low, it will affect the overall accuracy, and the planetary gearbox is also a high-precision gearbox. better. Today, I will introduce how to match the planetary gearbox according to the servo motor, which can be considered from the following aspects.

In the application of the servo motor, the selection of the gearbox according to the servo motor drive needs to pay attention to the following matters, mainly through various aspects to select the gearbox for the servo motor.

In the case of known servo motors, to choose a gearbox, it is generally necessary to understand these two knowledge:

1. Low-power servo motors can be used with large gearboxs, but high-power motors cannot be used with small gearboxs;

2. Under the same specification, the quality of the gearbox with high rigidity will be better.

In addition, the matching of servo motor and gearbox needs to consider these four dimensions: torque, speed, accuracy, inertia ratio

Torque: In the application, it is assumed that the rated torque of the motor is 8Nm and the speed ratio is 12. The rated torque of the selected gearbox needs to be greater than the value of 8*12, so the torque mainly considers whether the motor, the gearbox and the speed ratio are applicable;

Accuracy: Directly reflects the positioning accuracy of the device. The accuracy of the planetary gearbox can effectively improve the quality of the workpiece. Some high-precision industries have relatively high requirements on the accuracy of the gearbox. Under normal conditions, the accuracy of the planetary gearbox is less than 3arcmin, and the minimum accuracy of the NEUGART gearbox can be achieved. <1arcmin ;

Speed: The higher the device speed, the higher the efficiency;

Inertia ratio: The smaller the inertia ratio, the higher the dynamic stability of the device.

The selection of the planetary gearbox needs to be selected according to the specific needs of the equipment. If the right-angle planetary gearbox is required for the selection of equipment, the shape of the right-angle planetary gearbox should be selected according to the parameters. If the speed ratio is equal to the specific requirements, it is still necessary to select the appropriate parameters according to the requirements of the equipment operation. The difference between different types of gearboxs will be relatively large, and the radial load of the flange output gearbox will be much stronger than that of the shaft output gearbox. Therefore, in the selection process of the planetary gearbox, there are many factors to be considered, and the specific consideration is based on the operation and load of the equipment.

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