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Why should a servo motor be used with a planetary gearbox?

Industry news|2022-05-31| admin

In some mechanical automation industries, planetary gearboxs are often used in conjunction with servo motors. The function of servo motors is to perform servo, that is, precise positioning. The speed of the servo motor generally cannot meet the requirements of low speed and high torque of the workload, so choose a planetary gearbox with a suitable reduction ratio within the required speed range. What are the benefits of using a servo motor with a planetary planetary gearbox? ?


1. Heavy load and high precision

Generally, it is automation equipment such as aviation robots. Their common feature is that the torque required to move the load often far exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself, and the output torque of the servo motor is increased through the planetary gearbox.

2. Increase torque

The way to increase the output torque may be to directly increase the output torque of the servo motor, but this method requires the use of a high-power servo motor and a relatively large driver, and the power of the related motor components and electromechanical equipment also needs to be increased accordingly. The cost of the control system is greatly increased.

4. Improve performance

Improper matching of load inertia is also one of the factors that make the control system unstable. For large load inertia, the gearbox can be used to adjust to obtain a suitable load range.

5. Increase the service life of the equipment

The planetary planetary gearbox can also effectively solve the attenuation of the low-speed control characteristics of the motor. Due to the controllability of the servo motor, a certain degree of attenuation occurs due to the reduction in speed. Therefore, the use of a planetary gearbox can make the motor have a higher speed.

The connection method between the planetary gearbox and the servo motor: the way of tightening--the output shaft of the servo motor is connected with the flange of the planetary gearbox. There is a deformable hoop in the planetary gearbox to operate the locking on the planetary gearbox. The screw can make the hoop hold the shaft of the servo motor tightly; connect it by means of an external coupling. This connection method uses an external coupling, so a servo motor with a keyway is required. The external coupling can also use a flexible coupling (flexible shaft), the driving power of the flexible shaft generally does not exceed 5.5KW, and the speed can reach 20,000 rpm.

The above is the relevant knowledge about why the servo motor should be used with the planetary gearbox. You should be very clear why we use the servo motor with the planetary gearbox to work, which not only improves the work efficiency but also reduces the cost.

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