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Internal structure diagram of NEUGART right angle planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-06-01| admin

In the application industry of planetary gearbox, right-angle planetary gearbox will be used in some special installation environments or limited space. The right-angle planetary gearbox has also become a corner planetary gearbox. Its special right-angle structure and flexible installation method have a good space advantage and are widely used in the industrial industry. So what is the internal structure of the right-angle planetary gearbox, and what is the difference between it and the shaft output gearbox? Let's take a look together.


WPLE right-angle planetary gearbox is a right-angle gearbox extended on the basis of economical gearbox. This gearbox has the advantages of economical type, the overall structure is compact, and the installation is convenient. Bearings use low-friction deep groove ball bearings, which have a small friction coefficient, simple structure, and can withstand high radial loads; planetary gears are straight teeth, and bevel gears are used in the direction of rotation. This right-angle planetary gearbox is a relatively basic gearbox, and the right-angle planetary gearbox is generally suitable for situations where the installation space is relatively small. For different installation situations, NEUGART series right angle planetary gearbox has shaft installation, flange output, hollow shaft output various types of gearboxs, such as WPLFE this flange output right angle planetary gearbox, more compact structure, flange output The use of round extra-large output flange effectively saves space and the installation method is relatively simple.


WGN hollow shaft output right angle gearbox, the installation method of this gearbox is also relatively simple, it can be installed on the equipment using the expansion sleeve, the internal use of preloaded tapered roller bearings and hypoid gears, can For applications under various loads, the overall rigidity is very good, and it can also perform well under some high loads.

The professional NCP selection software can match the motor and gearbox model well. The dynamic data diagram of the planetary gearbox and the motor during operation is directly clear, and it is possible to know whether the speed ratio of the planetary gearbox model matches the motor, and the three-dimensional structure diagram Online download, simple realization of the combination between planetary gearbox and motor.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the internal structure diagram of the right-angle planetary gearbox. The drawings of the gearbox can be downloaded directly, or the relevant type of gearbox can be downloaded as needed. The right-angle planetary gearbox saves space and can be installed freely in a small space. Different bearings and Gears have their own advantages, such as high load, high precision, and low noise. The main thing is to choose the combination of gearbox and motor according to their own needs.

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