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What are the installation methods and precautions of small right angle planetary reducer?

Industry news|2022-02-13| admin

Planetary reducers are used in many industries. Manufacturers generally provide relevant technical information, installation methods and other knowledge, but there are many places to pay attention to. Today, I will introduce the reasons for errors in the installation and use of small right-angle planetary reducers. , I hope it can help you.


1. Installation method of right angle planetary reducer

       (1) First, confirm whether the specifications of the motor gearbox are consistent, and wipe the installation surface clean. It is also necessary to strictly check whether the dimensions of the parts connected to the drive motor match, mainly whether the shaft diameter of the flange and the positioning groove of the reducer flange are not. match;

       (2) Install the reducer upright into the motor, align the mounting bolts with the hole diameter, and manually attach the screws. In the order of 1-4, use a wrench to gently lock the screws with washers;

       (3) Put the motor and the gearbox vertically, and use a wrench and other tools to lock the buried bolt;

In addition, when installing, do not beat it to prevent the bearing or gear from being damaged due to excessive axial or radial force.


At present, the planetary reducer needs to be used in many industries. However, in the process of use, due to some reasons, the precision error of the small planetary reducer will occur. Let's introduce the reasons for the error of the small planetary reducer.

1. The errors in the processing of various parts of the small planetary reducer mainly include errors in assembly quality, spindle processing, transmission bearings, etc.;

2. Secondly, the clearance, stiffness and accuracy of the guide rail may affect the steering accuracy of the planetary reducer

3. The error of the transmission components may also affect the transmission accuracy of the equipment;

4. The planetary reducer will generate a lot of heat after high-speed operation. If the heat is too large, it will cause deformation and ultimately affect the data transmission accuracy.

Due to the characteristics of small size, light weight and high bearing capacity, planetary reducers are used in many industries, but in some specific places, different types of reducers are needed, such as right angle, flange, disc and other styles. As well as reducers with different output flanges, today I will introduce you a small right-angle planetary reducer, and different types will be introduced later. If necessary, please consult Shenzhen Win-drive Automation.

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