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Application scope of precision planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-06-01| admin

Precision planetary gearbox can also be called servo gearbox, high-precision planetary gearbox. The planetary gearbox has the advantages of small overall volume, low noise, high load and high precision, and has a wide range of applications in the industrial automation industry. The main structure of the precision planetary gearbox is the internal planetary gear. The precision of the gear is high, and the overall output accuracy will also be improved. So what are the main applications of the planetary gearbox?


The main structure of planetary gearbox is output shaft, bearing, planetary gear carrier and input end. The planetary gear affects the overall accuracy of the planetary gearbox. Generally, the return clearance of the planetary gearbox can be 3-5arcmin, and the accuracy of the NEUGART planetary gearbox can be less than 1arcmin. Planetary gearboxs generally do not exceed 3 stages, and single-stage speed ratios are mostly 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10. Because of overall size or other limitations, the speed ratio of single-stage or double-stage gearboxes is determined according to the manufacturer's situation. . Compared with the worm gear gearbox and the cycloid gearbox, the planetary gearbox has higher precision and is suitable for some high-precision industries, and the input speed of the planetary gearbox is 3000-8000, or even higher. Great advantage, can be used in conjunction with servo motors. Generally, the input speed or accuracy and rigidity of the gearbox cannot meet the requirements of some industries, and there is no such problem in the planetary gearbox.

Precision planetary gearboxs are widely used in industrial automation, mainly in robots, printing, packaging, laser cutting, manipulators, construction machinery, light industrial textiles, agricultural products, food industry, automobile, medical industry, instrumentation and other precision industries. The optimized gears and bearings inside the gearbox can greatly improve the gradient of the gearbox, and the surface quality of the produced workpiece will also be improved.

Precision planetary gearboxs are usually used in conjunction with accessories such as motors, racks and pinions, transmission belts, crankshafts and rewinders. In some transmission industries, gearboxs are often seen, using the high precision and torque-increasing characteristics of the gearbox. , reduce cost and improve precision torque. The above is the relevant knowledge about the application scope of precision planetary gearbox, I hope it can help you.

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