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Rack and pinion transmission design calculation

Industry news|2022-06-03| admin

In the industrial application process of rack and pinion, when we design the rack, we need to calculate according to the transmission data to confirm the parameters such as the module size of the rack, so what is the calculation process of the transmission design of the rack and pinion? ? Let's find out together.

1. In the selection of rack and pinion transmission, it is necessary to first select the type of gear, precision, material and number of teeth. We generally use rack and cylindrical gears for transmission. In some industries, due to the low speed, we temporarily choose level 7. The precision rack can be selected according to the specific situation when the speed is high.

2. In terms of material selection, this is based on your own needs. The material of the STRRONSE rack is C45 carbon steel. The rack of this type of material has high overall hardness and strong load capacity.

When calculating, you need to confirm the calculated value first

Assuming that the load factor Kt is 1.3, the gear is 8mm, and the diameter is 160mm

Calculate the transmitted torque of the pinion:


In the selection process of rack drive, it is not only necessary to calculate the transmission torque of the rack, but also the load torque of the rack, dynamic running speed and emergency stop torque and other parameters. Calculated for specific industry applications.

The application industry of rack and pinion is very extensive. For different industries, the rack and pinion also have different processing techniques, such as grinding, fine milling, etc., and the module size is also very different. For example, the size of the STRRONSE rack:

module length width height

Module L b h
2 1000 24 24
3 1000 29 29
4 1000 39 39
5 1000 49 39
6 1000 59 49

Here are the dimensions of a standard rack that can be cut. During the selection process of the rack, there may be a problem that the length of the rack is not enough. Some manufacturers will customize the length according to the required size. This method is applicable in some industries, and in some other industries, it may have an impact on the later stage. The splicing of the rack will not affect the overall accuracy, because there are mounting blocks to assist in the installation of the rack during the installation process. On the contrary, the rack is too long. If it runs under heavy load for a long time, the rack may be deformed, which will affect the accuracy of the rack.

The design and calculation of rack and pinion transmission requires precise calculation of technology. According to factors such as load, operation, and running time, it is also necessary to consider the influence of some external force factors. On the original basis, some space is reserved to increase fault tolerance, so as to ensure smooth operation in the later stage. . Specific selection requires technical communication.

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