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What is the rack and pinion module?

Industry news|2022-06-08| admin

1. What does the rack and pinion module mean?

The modulus of the rack and pinion is a basic parameter for calculating the geometric size, which is generally related to the tooth thickness. In the case of a certain number of teeth, the diameter of the gear is proportional to the modulus. The larger the modulus, the greater the number of gears and the teeth, and the stronger the bending resistance of the gear. But in the case of the same diameter, the smaller the modulus of the gear, the more the number of teeth, which shows that the precision of the smaller modulus will be more precise. However, the external size of the pinion is too small, the strength will be lower, and the overall load will be worse. Therefore, in practical applications, not only the module, but also some parameters such as tooth thickness and number of teeth need to be considered when selecting a model.


2. How to calculate the gear modulus

When selecting gears, various parameters are needed for reference, and products with appropriate specifications are selected according to actual needs. The index circle of the gear is the benchmark for calculating the size of each part of the gear, and the axis length of the index circle of the gear is πd=zp, so the diameter of the index circle is d=zp/π.

Because π is an irrational number, it is not very convenient to calculate and measure. In order to facilitate the calculation, the ratio p/π is set to some simple parameters, and the ratio is expressed as a modulus with m. The calculation formula is: m=p/π, The diameter of the index circle is d=mz

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