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Will the accuracy of the planetary gearbox be affected by the bearing?

Industry news|2022-06-27| admin

The core component of the planetary gearbox is the planetary gear carrier, which determines the accuracy of the gearbox, but in addition, the output shaft, sealing ring, bearing and other components also play a very important role. The planetary gearbox is a high-precision gearbox. Its advantages lie in high precision, high rigidity and high load. In addition to the planetary gear carrier, will other structures of the gearbox affect the overall accuracy? Today I will introduce to you whether the accuracy of the planetary gearbox will be affected by the bearing.

Bearings also play a very important role in planetary gearboxs. There are many types of planetary gearbox bearings, commonly used are roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings. On the premise that the machining error of the planetary gearbox meets the requirements, the rotation accuracy of the planetary gearbox is largely determined by the internal bearing of the gearbox. The key to adjusting the rotation accuracy of the planetary gearbox is to adjust the clearance of the bearings in the gearbox. Maintaining a reasonable bearing clearance in the gearbox is of great significance to the working performance and bearing life of precision planetary gearbox components.

The load on the gearbox is often a decisive factor in selecting the bearing size. The load carrying capacity of the rollers is greater than that of a ball bearing of the same size. Generally speaking, ball bearings are suitable for light or medium loads, while roller bearings are suitable for heavy loads. For rolling bearings, if the precision planetary gearbox works with a large clearance, it will not only concentrate the load on the rolling elements in the stress direction, but also cause serious stress concentration at the contact between the inner and outer raceways of the bearing, shorten the bearing life, and cause the main shaft. The drift of the center line is easy to cause vibration of various parts of the precision planetary gearbox. As a result, a certain amount of interference is generated in the inner bearing of the gearbox, and a certain amount of elastic deformation is generated at the contact between the rolling element and the inner and outer ring raceways, thereby improving the rigidity of the bearing.

The type of gearbox is different, and the type of bearing used is also different. The gearbox is a transmission mechanism that needs to transmit torque to the working machine through shafts and bearings. Therefore, the transmission efficiency and quality are directly related to the bearing, and the sliding quality and life of the bearing will affect the overall quality and performance of the gearbox.

The above is the relevant knowledge about whether the accuracy of the planetary gearbox will be affected by the bearing. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the planetary gearbox. Briefly introduce the importance of the bearing to the gearbox. The bearing is an indispensable part of the gearbox. , In terms of transmission, it is not only related to accuracy, but also greatly affects the output efficiency of the gearbox. It is necessary to do a good job in equipment maintenance during use.

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