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The advantages of Newcastle helical planetary reducer and spur gear reducer

Industry news|2022-02-16| admin

The difference between the straight gear reducer and the helical gear reducer of the German Newcastle reducer: the difference can be made from the shape design: the gears inside are different, one is oblique and the other is straight; it can also be very useful through the precision area Don't come out. The precision of helical teeth is higher than that of straight teeth, so the price of helical teeth will be more expensive than that of straight teeth; there is also noise, the noise of helical teeth in operation will be lower than that of straight teeth.

The helical gear used in the helical gear reducer can be regarded as a cylindrical gear formed by dislocating a group of thin-toothed gears, so that the contact of each piece is at a different part of the tooth profile, which then compensates for the fault of each thin-toothed gear. This compensation effect is very useful due to the elasticity of the gear teeth, so the result is that the gear teeth with the error within 10mm can make the error uniform, so under load conditions, the error is within 1mm. Works smoothly like the gear teeth. Since at any instant, there will be two teeth meshing about half the time (assuming a coincidence of about 1.5), this provides an additional benefit in terms of strength. Therefore the stress can be based on 1.5 times the tooth width instead of one tooth width.



When two gears work well, helical gears must be more accurate than spur gears. Then, each part of the helical planetary reducer touches a different part of the tooth profile, and then each slice will have the effect of gear error.

The disadvantage of the spur gear planetary reducer is that vibration will occur during the operation. Whether due to design, fabrication or deformation, the involute tooth profile may produce some changes along the entire tooth surface at the same time. This will cause each tooth to be affected once on a regular basis, which is usually very robust. The resulting vibrations can lead to highly loaded and noisy gears.

When producing the helical planetary reducer, its production process is quite complicated, so what are the advantages of the helical planetary reducer?

1. The bearing capacity is large, which can effectively improve the service life;

2. The axial force used is large;

3. The number of gear teeth is small and the precision is high;

4. Low noise;

The spur gear planetary reducer and the helical gear planetary reducer also have their own advantages, but also have their own disadvantages. The production cost of the helical planetary reducer is much higher than that of the straight planetary reducer. The helical gear planetary reducer also has great advantages in vibration accuracy and strength.

The above is the relevant introduction about the advantages of the German Newcastle helical gear planetary reducer and the straight gear reducer. I hope it can help you. For more reducer knowledge, you can pay attention to Shenzhen sz-windrive.com Automation.

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