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The difference between planetary reducer and gear reducer

Industry news|2022-02-16| admin

Planetary reducer is applied to mechanical drive equipment. In the application industry of reducer, it is used in many industries because of its excellent performance; planetary reducer is mainly composed of planetary gear, sun gear, inner gear, outer gear, and planet carrier. It is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque; compared with the gear reducer, the function of the planetary reducer is better. Let's take a look at the difference between the reducer and the gear reducer:



1. The planetary reducer is composed of a sun gear system plus a group of multiple planetary gears (one group is three), which can maintain proper accuracy during the working process, and relative to its output torque, the planetary reducer's The volume is very small. But because of the precision of the material and the meticulous processing method, the cost of the planetary reducer is much higher than that of the gear reducer.

   2. Gear reducer, this kind of reducer has stable operation, low noise, and low market price. It is mostly used in various low-load assembly line installations. Compared with planetary gear reducers, the accuracy cannot be improved at all, and the torque is even more impossible. The degree to which the planet is reached.

   Planetary reducers are divided into large and small power planetary reducers according to power; high-power planetary reducers are used in metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation, electric power, power, automation, light industry, printing and other fields; low-power planetary reducers are used in electronic products , smart home, device drive systems, intelligent robots, drones, robotic arms, etc.

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