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Advantages and Troubleshooting of Precision Planetary Reducer

Industry news|2022-02-21| admin

There are many types of reducers, and some will wonder what the difference between these types of reducers is. For example, the difference between precision planetary reducers and gear reducers is the meshing accuracy of the inner planetary gears. The higher the gear accuracy of the reducer, the relative reducer It will work better. The high-precision reducer can effectively improve the quality of the workpiece. Next, I will briefly introduce the advantages of the precision planetary reducer and some simple troubleshooting knowledge.


Operational advantages of precision planetary reducer equipment:

1. Reduction ratio: The reduction ratio of the precision planetary reducer refers to the ratio of the input speed to the output speed.

2. Stage speed: The stage number refers to the number of sets of precision planetary gears. Generally, when the number of stages reaches the third stage, the power will be reduced.

3. Full load power: refers to the transmission power of the precision reducer under the maximum load.

4. Operating life: refers to the cumulative operating time of the precision planetary reducer in use.

5. Additional operating torque: refers to the torque that works under the additional service life. When the output speed is 100 rpm, the life of the reducer is the average life, and the average life of the reducer will be reduced when this value is exceeded. When the output maximum torque exceeds twice, the reducer malfunctions.

6. Noise: unit decibel dB (A), the actual input speed of this value is 3000RPM, no load, and measured at a distance of 1 meter from the reducer.

When the precision planetary reducer is faulty, the gear reducer should be checked. Better viewing and protection should be based on these conditions. If the gear reducer is noisy, it is necessary to check whether the gear reducer is unbalanced.

When looking at the planetary reducer, in addition to the rolling sound, the vibration of the reducer should also be considered. Generally speaking, there are many factors that cause the reducer to oscillate. In addition to local damage, when components are corrugated, it can also cause the gear reducer to oscillate. Therefore, in order to deal with these problems, it is necessary to conduct research in a timely manner.

In addition, during the use of the reducer, a suitable lubricant should be selected to extend the service life of the gear reducer. It should be noted that the lubricant should be selected. Therefore, different types of lubricants have different effects on different types of gear reducers compared to higher-priced lubricants. Choosing the right gear reducer requires special attention to detail.

In addition, when checking the reducer through the gear, it is also based on the inspection and the temperature of the gear reducer. Generally, the temperature of the gear reducer can increase with the increase of working hours, but after 1-2 hours, the temperature change will remain very stable. If the temperature requirements of the gear reducer are too high during inspection, the heat capacity, heat dissipation and speed of a gear reducer should also be fully considered. It does not matter. Problems that arise should be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

Generally speaking, in order to extend the service life of the precision planetary reducer, professional and technical personnel are required to inspect and protect it.

The precision machine tool load feed control system is quite different from other conditions, so it is necessary to add torque through the reducer, improve the load inertia matching, and make the feed movement smooth. The disadvantage of this is that the power is low, the volume is large, the noise is large, and the general reducer has poor accuracy and cannot achieve precise positioning. The precision planetary reducer can be used in various precision machine tools, and its characteristics are high precision, high rigidity, large bearing capacity, high power, long life, low noise, small size, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, accurate positioning and so on. It can be installed on AC and DC servo motors, and is widely used in precision machine tools, semiconductor material equipment, printing and packaging equipment, food packaging, automation-related industries and other industries.

When operating a precision machine tool, pay special attention to the operation and lubrication of the machine. If abnormal phenomena such as motion failure, oscillation, crawling, heating, noise, odor, damage, etc. are found, the inspection should be stopped immediately, and the fault should be eliminated before continuing the operation.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the precision planetary reducer. The Newcastle reducer manufacturer initially manufactured precision gear accessories for watches and clocks. After development, it began to produce the reducer. With many years of industry experience, the precision reducer can operate at least 1 arc minute.

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